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Check this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on Hemisphere! Including Northern & Southern hemisphere change, difference, season effects & what hemisphere to choose!!

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Hemisphere - Change & Difference

Determines Current In-Game Seasons

Determines Current In-Game Seasons

Your choice of starting Hemisphere will determine the game's current season. Just like in real life, the northern & southern hemispheres will have different seasons in the same month.

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Hemisphere Seasons By Month Chart

Seasons: NorthSeasons: South
April Spring Fall
July Summer Winter
October Fall Spring
January Winter Summer

Different Seasonal Recipes

Seasonal DIY Recipes

Depending on your hemisphere, you'll have a different season. Each season brings about unique seasonal DIY recipes that let you craft exclusive furniture from materials only found during that season!

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Seasonal Differences

Game Starts On March 20

Game Starts On March 20

The game releases on March 20, so players starting out in the Northern Hemisphere will start the game in spring, while Southern Hemisphere players will start during fall.

Which Hemisphere Will you Choose?

Which Hemisphere Should I Choose?

Choose Based On Your Seasonal Preference

When choosing your hemisphere, decide on if you want to have the same or opposing seasons to your current region. If you want a feeling of Spring even if your region just entered Fall for example, choose an in-game hemisphere opposite of yours.

Consider the Seasonal Events You Like

Consider the Seasonal Events You Like

Different seasons offer different envents that can be undertaken. For example, you can play with flowers in spring while you can make a snowman in winter. Choose your preferred seasonal event & plan which hemisphere to choose accordingly.

Your Starting Villagers Might Be Effected


You choice of which hemisphere you want to live in might effect your starting villagers. Read the starting villager guide to learn more about how the questions in Check-in Counter effects your gameplay.

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Opposite Hemisphere From your Friends For Variety

Opposite Hemisphere From your Friends For Variety

If you're playing a lot with friends, it might make sense to plan with them to have different Hemisphere between their islands, so there is always a variety in the seasons when exploring each islands. Imaging gathering for a snowball fight & then go relax at a beach!

Nintendo Switch Online Required For Online

A Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for the use of online features. If you're planning on doing multiplayer activities, a membership may be needed first.

Nintendo Direct Photopia Reflect Seasons

Nintendo Direct Photopia Reflect Seasons

Send a picture of a Snowman in the heat of summer! As the Nintendo Direct Screen Captures will also reflect the in-game season you're in, keep that in mind if you're the socially sharing type!

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