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Read this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on Amiibo! Including Amiibo cards, Amiibo list, Amiibo compatibility, Amiibo use, support, making them move in, & more!!

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Amiibo - Cards & List

Supported Amiibo List

1Amiibo Cards (Series 1-4)
※Support for some will be added over time
2New Leaf Amiibos + Cards
3New Leaf Amiibos + Cards
4Series Amiibo (16 figures)
※Support for some will be added over time
5Villager (Super Smash Bros.)
6Isabelle (Super Smash Bros.)

Support For Animal Crossing Amiibos

New Horizons includes support for amiibos and amiibo cards, including ones from past games! It's possible to use any ones you may own, but note that some villagers might not have support, as it will be implemented in later updates.

What Can You Do With Amiibo?

Taken from the Official Nintendo JP site.

What You Can Do With Amiibo Figures

Amiibo Poster Photopia Camp
Series Amiibo
(16 Figures)
Yes Yes(*) No
(Super Smash Bros.)
Yes No No
(Super Smash Bros.)
Yes Yes No

(*) Support for some special Amiibos will added sequentially over time!!

What You Can Do With Amiibo Cards

Amiibo Poster Photopia Camp
Amiibo Cards
(Series 1-4)
Yes Yes(*) Yes(*)
Welcome Amiibo Cards Yes Yes Yes
Welcome Amiibo Cards
Yes No No

(*) Support for some special Amiibos will added sequentially over time.
(*) Only animals that can move to the island will appear in the Campground!!

Receive Posters Of Guests

Receive Posters Of Guests

You'll be able to order posters of characters whose amiibos you've scanned in the game. This can be done at the Nook Port terminal. However, you'll still need to pay bells for these posters - they're not free.

Check Out More About Posters Here

Unlocked After Visiting Harvey

Posters will only become available after you've done a photoshoot on Harvey's Island. They'll be added to the Nook Shopping interface at that point.

Check Out Harvey's Island Here

Take Photos In Photopia

Take Photos In Photopia

You'll also be able to have your guests take photos with you in Photopia. Here you can dress them up or pose them in a photo studio setting. However, note that support for some Amiibo in Photopia has not yet been added into the game!

Change Outfits Too


You can also change the outfits of amiibos you've invited, giving you the freedom to customize their clothes as you please!

Invite Guests Into Campsite

Invite Guests Into Campground

When you use a supported Amiibo or Amiibo Card in the game, you'll be able to invite some guests into your Campground on the island!

Check Out What You Can Do In Campsite!

Can Only Invite Once A Day

Invitations to the campground can only be done once per day, per island. It's best to prioritize which animals you want to bring to your camp first.

Amiibo - How To Use

How To Use Amiibo Procedure Chart

No. Procedure
1 Access the port in the Resident Services building
2 Tap your Amiibo / Amiibo Card over your right controller stick
3 Scan will confirm and complete

1. Access Machine In Resident Services

Access Machine In Resident Services

Head to Resident Services on your island. Go to the lower right corner of the room and access the port machine to use your Amiibo or Amiibo Card.

Check Out Resident Services Building Guide!

2. Tap Amiibo / Amiibo Card Above R Stick

Tap Amiibo Amiibo Card Above R Stick

Hover and place the Amiibo or Amiibo Card on top of the Right stick of your Joy-Con or Nintendo Pro Controller. You will get confirmation once the scan is complete!

How To Make Amiibo Move To Island


StepWhat To Do
Advance in the game up until you unlock the Campsite
Prepare your amiibo
Scan your amiibo at the Nook Stop
Talk to an animal at the campsite
Listen to the animal's request
(Get a recipe)
Repeat steps 3-5 the next day
(Do this a total of 3 times)
Talk to them until you get the option to ask them to move to your island
Set up a new plot OR swap them out with an animal in an existing house to confirm the new resident
They'll move to your island the next day

Hear Out The Animal's Request


Oh, is that the barbell I asked for? Is it ready?!!

When you speak with an animal at the campsite, they'll ask you to bring them something like an item. If you don't have this item or can't make it, they'll also give you a recipe! Just gather the materials and put it together.

Repeat 3 Times


Thank you so much! Take this Nurse Cap as a token of my thanks!!!

When you turn in the item they've requested, the animal's opinion of your island will improve. While their impression of your island is still low, you won't be able to invite them to become residents. In order to invite them, you'll have to give them an item 3 times!

Might Need To Kick Out An Existing Villager


Choose a villager to negotiate with.!!

You'll need available space on your island. If your island is already full, you'll have to swap them out with someone else (which is a nice way of saying you'll have to forcibly remove someone.)

Check Out How To Make Villagers Leave Here

Or Set Up A New Lot

If you haven't set up the maximum number of houses on your island, putting up land for sale and creating a new lot is also an option! This method spares you from having to go through the painful task of evicting a poor animal.

Check Out More About Putting Up Land For Sale Here

What Are Amiibo?

Figures & Cards Usable In-Game

Figures & Cards Usable In-Game

Amiibo and Amiibo Cards are not limited to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. They are Nintendo's collectible statues and cards that can be used in games to claim various rewards.

Residents & Characters From Previous Games

Residents & Characters From Previous Games

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Amiibo and Amiibo Cards you can mainly use are of the residents and characters from the previous Animal Crossing games!

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