Best Custom Design Codes & How To Use | Animal Crossing (ACNH)

Check out amazing custom designs ACNH creators made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch. Get custom design codes for path, floor, sign. Learn how to make & share QR code!!

Custom Designs Made By Creators

How To Use Custom Design

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Featured Custom Designs At A Glance

Thank You For Your Great Designs!

We'd like to take time to thank all of the great ACNH creators for giving us permission to introduce your designs! Thank you so much!

Got Designs? Share With Us!


We are always looking for more great custom designs! If you made a great design or if you know someone who makes one, please tell us on the comment from the bottom of this page or post them on the Custom Design Forum!

Check Out Custom Design Forum From Here

Custom Design Codes For Floor

Marble Pattern Flooring By Robin

marble pattern

A beautiful marble flooring design which suits great for poolside. Enjoy the summer with this gorgeous and chilling marble tiles!

Different Patterns Of Mable

How To Use This Custom Design

how to use
Click to Enlarge

@RobinRecato explains very kindly on how to use the marble design in depth. Check out this twitter thread and learn more!

Wooden Deck Flooring By Nemumi

wooden deck

Everyone must have dreamt of having wood deck beside your house once right? Well, you can make it come true with these beautifully detailed @osakana_nemumi's wooden deck designs!

Different Patterns Of Wood Deck Floors

Flower Designs By iltsu


Want more variations for flowers in your island? The flower flooring designs made by @islander_iltsu will be great accent! These cute flower designs blends in pretty well when used besides your flower garden!

Flower Design Codes

Custom Design Codes For Path

Limestone Road By Belle

Limestone Road

Calm and relaxing white color limestone brick road made by Belle. What's so cute is that the brick road's color changes from white to beige as sun goes down. A natural design that blends in your island's scenary pretty well!

Limestone Road Design IDs

Nebula Path Designs By Shin


Use these starry nebula designed path made by @illustris22 to make your island look more fancy! The paths look even cooler at night.

Nebula Path Design IDs

Pastel Path By Crow

Pastel Path

A pastel colored path design by @SyzygialCorvid uses tint color combinations very well that the paths made with this design look dreamy and relaxing at the same time! Search the Creator ID to get more variation of path's shapes.

Pastel Path Design IDs

Pink Path By Jαs ♡

pink path

Beautiful pink path designs made by @celestefleurs. You can make these design to make heart shaped path too! Cherry blossom trees might have blooming season but you can make your island ever-pink with these designs!

Pink Path Design IDs

Use When Building A Residential District

Why not make use of some of the incredible floor and path designs the artists above have provided by creating your own high density residential neighborhood! Gather all your houses together, pave the road, and make your island into a more spectacular place.

Check Out Our Guide On Building A Residential Quarter Here

Custom Design Codes For Sign

Sign Board Designs By iltsu


Very creative sign board designs made by @islander_iltsu! Great idea to interact with the visitors in your island! I love how this creator show lot of love and respect to the flowers too.

Sign Board Design Codes

Other Downloadable Custom Designs

The Marc Jacobs Special Designs

Fashion Brand Marc Jacobs has partnered with Animal Crossing to create unique fashion designs for players. By scrolling through the images above you'll be able to get the download codes for 6 different articles of clothing, so check them out!

Check Out Marc Jacobs Instagram From Here

Valentino Design Collection

Clothing brand Valentino has also created many in-game designs for players to use. To get the code for these, you'll have to access their official Instagram page, which can be found here:

Check Out Valentino Instagram Page From Here

Get Works Of Art From The Met

The Met

Image Source: The Met Official Site!!

The Metropolitan Museum, one of the most famous art institutions in the world, has decided to provide players with custom design QR Codes for many of the works of Art they have on display! So, if Redd rips you off and sells you a fake, this is a good alternative to getting authentic works of art to decorate your home with!

Check Out Metropolitan Museum Official Site From Here

Works Of Art From Getty Museum

Getty Museum

Image Source: Getty Museum Official Site!!

A similar feature is also being offered by Getty Art Museum, where players choose from a wide variety of artworks to display in-game! QR Codes can be found on their site below:

Check Out The Getty Museum Website Here

How To Get Custom Design

Use Custom Design Portal In The Able Sisters


Once you've help Mable build Able Sisters, you can access this internet kiosk called Custom Design Portal. Note that you need Nintendo Online Account (paid) to use this feature.

Learn How To Unlock Able Sisters From Here

Search Via Design ID or Creator ID

In order to get other people's custom designs, you can search by inputting Design ID or Creator ID in this portal.

How To Scan QR Code For Custom Design

Use Our QR Code Tool! NEW!


Using other people's QR Codes is all well and good - but how about just doing so yourself? We've finally been able to put together a tool to upload and convert images into QR codes you can scan in-game. Check it out from the link below.

Gamewith's QR Code Maker Tool

Get Custom Design From Past AC Titles

By using Nook Link, which is a real smartphone app included in Nintendo Switch Online app, you can bring the custom designs you made in previous Animal Crossing series.

Compatible Past Animal Crossing Titles

Steps To Read QR Code

No. Procedure
1 Subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online & download Nintendo Switch Online app
2 Sync Animal Crossing New Horizon & Nintendo Switch Online app
→ Learn more from here!
3 Open Nook Link from Nintendo Switch Online app and scan QR code with Design feature
4 Download the scanned Custom Design in Animal Crossing New Horizon

1~2. Sign up & Sync Nintendo Switch Online App

Get NSO Subscription & Online App

First things first, you need to have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. After subscribing, download the Nintendo Switch Online app then log into your account.

Learn How To Get Started With Nintendo Switch Online App From Here

3. Select Nook Link Then Custom Designs

Select Nook Link Then Custom Designs

After logging in, check your in-app services & look for the "Nook Link" option. Select this, then go to "Custom Designs".

Check Out Nook Link App Details!

3. Scan QR Code

Scan QR Code

Open up your 3DS & scan the QR code of the design to activate the transfer! Note that in order to get QR code in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you need to be close enough with Sable.

4. Confirm Transfer In-Game

Confirm Transfer In-Game

Once you've completed and confirmed the transfer, check your Custom Designs app in the Nook Phone to locate your newly transferred design!

How To Make Custom Design Patterns

Use Nook Phone To Make Original Designs

Use Nook Phone To Make Original Designs

To create your own custom design, open your Nook Phone and select Custom Design app. Then, choose "Change Design" on an empty slot to make a new custom design.

16 Colors In One Palette

16 Colors In One Palette

You'll have access to up to 16 colors per palette or per custom design. The canvas is 32 x 32 squares and you can use colors to create masterful designs of your own!

More Complex Designs With Pro Design Editor

Provides More Ways To Make Designs

The Pro Design Editor is an expansion feature custom design and it can be redeemed by spending 800 Nook Miles at the Nook Stop terminal. This Pro Design Editor allows you to create different types of clothing and headgear. From shirts to dress, gowns and even bonnets or caps.

Check Out How To Earn Nook Miles Fast!

Pro Editor Can Customize Colors

Allows Customization Of Colors

With the Pro Design Editor, you can customize colors and change color palettes. This lets you create more designs with a variety of different shades & colors.

Share Your Custom Designs With The Portal


One you've finished your work, you can share the custom design you've made by using the Custom Design Portal located in the Able Sisters shop. Use social media to share your Design ID and Creator ID and become a fashion leader!

Search Feature NEW in 1.4.0

New custom design search features

In Patch 1.4.0., the Custom Design Portal received a few noteworthy improvements. Chief among them is the ability to search for custom designs using specific search criteria. You'll also be able to search for custom designs from creators you've listed as your favorites.

Share Your Custom Designs On Our Forum

custom design forum

Visit our Custom Design Forum & share your Custom Designs. You can get other players' custom designs as well!

Click Here To Go To Custom Design Forum

Tips To Create Custom Designs

Video Guide On How To Make Custom Design

Have A Physical Sample Ready

If you're trying to make a pro design, try to have a physical sample ready. It'll be easier for you to copy that sample if you can see it physically.

Place Background Color Nearby

Place Background Color Nearby

It's best to set the background color adjacent to your most used colors. This makes corrections easier and you don't have to go too far down the color wheel to fix and mistakes.

Adjust Background Color Last

Adjust Background Color Last

It is also recommended to adjust the background color last. It's easy to change colors by selecting the "Change Color" tool but it's best to adjust the background color after all your designs have been implemented.

Start With Smaller Designs First

Start With Smaller Designs First

It's easier to fill in colors with bigger spaces so concentrate on finishing up your smaller designs first. It'll also be easier to adjust the sizing of smaller designs.

Determine Design Size ASAP

Your overall canvas is 32 x 32 squares so it's best to determine the size of your design as soon as possible. Once you've designed a part, take a step back and look at the overall design to adjust its size.

Look At Overall Design Frequently

Look At Overall Design Frequently

You'll see the overall look and feel of your design on the lower left part of the screen. Whether it's a dress, a painting, or a hat, checking the sample will help you determine the scale & look of your design.

Custom Designs Uses

Custom Designs Uses List

Can Be Placed On Walls, Floor, & Clothes

Can Be Placed On Walls, Floor, & Clothes

Custom designs can be used as wallpaper, as flooring, and patterns for clothing. It's a great way to customize your character, your house, and your island!

Can Be Used To Make Face Paint

Face Paint

Custom Designs can be used to add a particular splash of color to most parts of you - including your face! If you want to make your character have some unique facial markings, you have the freedom to do so!

Check Out Face Paint In Detail Here

Makes Eyebrows As Well!

Add Eyebrows With Custom Designs

You can add eyebrows to you character through the use of custom designs. You can change how your character looks with this method!

Check Out How To Design Eyebrows!

Pro Designs Uses List




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