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Learn how to change the island tune song / town tune in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) in this guide. Includes how to unlock the island melody maker, island tune list, song ideas, and more!!

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Island Tune / Town Tune - How To Change

Speak With Isabelle In Resident Services

Speak With Isabelle In Resident Services

If you want to change your island tune, go to Resident Services and speak with Isabelle. She'll offer an option to do so. This will require you to upgrade your Resident Services!

Check Out Resident Services & How To Upgrade Here!

Arrange a New Island Tune


When you've chosen to change your island tune, you'll open a music sheet. Input the notes you want to play by highlighting a note & moving the arrow keys up or down.

Note Types

Musical Features Of The Island Melody Maker

OctavesAbout 1 and a half
KeyC Major
Bars2 bars of 4/4

Range Of Over An Octave

You will have access to a total of 13 notes, ranging from a low G to a high E. Semi-tones do not seem to be available.

Each Frog Is An Eighth Note

Note that each frog is equivalent to one eight note. You essentially have 2 bars of 4/4 to work with.

Confirm Island Tune With Isabelle

Once you're done making your tune, Isabelle will sing it to you to provide a sample of what it sounds like. When you're happy with it, confirm the island tune to make it official!

Share Tunes On Our Forum

Once you've finished, why not share the tune you've created with other players on our forum!

Share Your Tune On Our Forum Here

Perform Your Song On An Instrument

Did you know there are musical instruments available in-game that can be played? Why not try playing your island tune on that and have a short recital?

Check Out A List Of All Musical Instruments Here!

Island Tune / Town Tune - Song Ideas List

Popular Nintendo Games Island Tunes

The above are just a few examples of melodies you could create in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The possibilities are endless! If there are any songs you'd like to share with others, please leave a screenshot of them in the comments below this article!

What are Island Tune (Town Tune)?

Melody That Plays Every Hour

Whenever the clock strikes to indicate the passing of an hour, it will play the island tune. This reminds you that an hour has passed in real time!

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