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Read this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on Inventory! Including Ultimate Pocket Stuffing, inventory space, inventory upgrades, expansion, & size to 40 slots!!

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Ultimate Pocket Stuffing - Inventory Increase

How To Increase Inventory Space

Pocket Organization

In the Resident Services Nook Stop, you can purchase an inventory expansion item called the Pocket Organization Guide. Though it costs 5000 miles, it will increase your inventory slots by 10 to 30 max slots!

Expand Inventory Size With 10 Slots

Inventory Organization

After you've upgraded your Resident Services into a proper building, you'll be able to access the next inventory slot upgrade. This will give you an additional 10 slots for a total of 40 max slots! However, it will cost you 8,000 Miles.

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Inveentory - How To Organize

Keep Your Pockets Tidy

Inventory Organization

By holding the A Button, you can move items around in your inventory. Try to organize your inventory in an intuitive way!

Use House Storage Box

Inventory Organization

Once you've paid off your initial 5000 Mile Loan, you'll gain access to storage in your house. This box has 80 slots to start, so make sure you make use of it!

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Use The Space In Your House

Inventory Organization

At the beginning of the game, you probably won't have a lot of furniture, so it's worth using your house space as storage. Place items you can't hold there temporarily! However, watch out, as this can negatively affect your island's evaluation!

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Sell Items You Don't Need

Inventory Organization

Don't let items clutter up your inventory - when in doubt, sell it! Bells can be used for a myriad of purposes that will make your game more enjoyable, including buying furniture... but also loan repayment. Resist the temptation to be a hoarder!

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Burying Is Always An Option

Inventory Organization

Although somewhat unorthodox, it's also possible to bury items in the ground! If you know you're not going to need an item for a while, feel free to bury it. Just be careful not to forget where you buried it!

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