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Read this Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH) - how to get 5 (five) star island rating! Get island ideas, furniture, placement, improvement tips, & island rating rewards!!

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Check Out the Island Evaluation Guide!

How To Get 5 Star Island Rating

This guide assumes you've already gotten your island rating to ★3!

Main Points

Place Furniture Everywhere

Island Rating 5 Stars

⬆ The furniture layout setup we used to get 5 stars!!

In order to get your rating past 4 stars you'll have to really pay attention to the amount of furniture you place. However, keeping a good balance in terms of *where* you put the furniture is also very important, so don't pile it up on one part of the island.

Items We Placed To Get A 5 Star Rating

DIY Furniture~70
(Nook's Cranny)

Number Of Trees Isn't That Important

Island Rating 5 Stars

⬆ In order to make room for furniture, we cleared out all trees in a 30x13 grid!!

It's not necessary to entirely deforest your island. As long as you don't cut too many trees, there won't be any impact on your island's rating. The important thing is to have enough room to place furniture! For this reason, setting up areas dedicated to furniture is a good idea.

Place Fences, DIY and Vendor Furniture

Island Rating 5 Stars

⬆ "If you use materials you personally gathered and place them all over the island, it will give off a good impression to visitors and be good for the environment!"!!

According to Isabelle's advice, placing fences & furniture, both pieces you've bought and made yourself, will reflect well on your island's evaluation. Make sure to place a good mix of the above 3 varieties!

The Furniture (And Its Placement) Doesn't Matter

Island Rating 5 Stars

⬆We set down 50 Hay Beds, which can easily be made with Weeds. All of these count toward your island evaluation!!

What's important in the evaluation is not how furniture is placed, but rather just that furniture IS placed. If it doesn't bother you, it's perfectly okay to place 50+ of the same item in one location, as it will still increase your rating.

Keep Checking In With Isabelle

Island Rating 5 Stars

⬆ "Well, compared to last time, more and more people are saying this island's scenery has gotten even better!"!!

After you place some furniture, head to Isabelle straight away to hear her evaluation. If you've done a good job with the placement, she'll tell you that the island looks better than before! If she doesn't say anything, that particular area has probably already reached its maximum level.

Island Rating Criteria

How To Improve Your Island's Rating

Island Rating 5 Stars

⬆ "Your current island rating is ★5 Stars!"!!

Key Points To Improve Island Rating
  • Get the max number of Villagers
  • Increase the number of Shops and upgrade them
  • Plant a certain amount of Flowers
  • Plant a certain amount of Trees (including fruit trees)
  • Add plenty of fences
  • Distribute furniture evenly across your entire island
  • Focus on aesthetics (no trash or weeds!)

In order to improve your Island's rank, you'll need to design your island with the above points in mind. If you keep to those guidelines, you should easily be able to reach 3 or 4 stars! 5 will be a bit more of a challenge.

Furniture Is Key!

The most important point here is that placement of furniture needs to be well-balanced! This means you can't just place it all in the center of your island near your main facilities like you can to get a 4 star rating!

Check Out A List Of All Furniture Here!

Recommended Items To Place

Use Easy To Make Items

Making furniture that requires rare or expensive materials will not have any positive influence on your rating. This means that if you just want to get to 5 stars, you can fill your island with weed- or rock-based furniture. Collect weeds and rocks in masses to have the easiest time.

Easy-To-Make DIY Furniture

These are some of the items that we used to do this. The DIY recipes you find on your island may be slightly different from ours, so just focus on using as few materials as possible!

Check Out A List Of All DIY Recipes Here!

5 Star Island Rating Rewards

Get The Golden Watering Can Recipe

Gold Watering Can

By raising your rating to 5 stars, you'll get the recipe for a Golden Watering Can from Isabelle!

Check Out More Info On Golden Tools Here!

Lilies Of The Valley Bloom

Island Rating 5 Stars

One additional effect of getting a 5 star rating is that Lillies of the Valley, a very rare flower, will finally bloom.

Check Out Lilies of the Valley Here!

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