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Check out this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on the fishing tourney (fishing tournament)! Find out fishing tourney (tournament) rewards, items, & event times!!

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Fishing Tourney (Tournament) Video Guide

Sub 2-Minute Video Guide

If you'd prefer to get your information via video, check out our concise video above on CJ!

Fishing Tourney (Tournament) Date & Time

Event Info

DateApril 11th, July 11th, October 10th, January 9th
Time9am to 6pm
Entry Fee500 Bells
※ (First time is free)

Same In Both Hemispheres!

We have been able to confirm that the Fishing Tourney is held on the same dates in both hemispheres. Of course, the season will be different, but this doesn't seem to affect the Tournament at all.

Held On The 2nd Saturday Of The Month

The Fishing Tourney will be held in the months of January, April, July, and October, on the 2nd Saturday of each respective month. One week prior to the event, you will receive a letter in the mail notifying you of it!

CJ's Fishing Tournament (Fishing Tourney)

What Is The Fishing Tourney

Fishing Tourney

The Fishing Tourney is an all-day event that CJ runs where you catch as many fish as you can in a short period of time! This event is repeatable, so it's a good opportunity to get interesting fish-related items and make money!

Different From CJ's Usual Appearance

CJ will appear randomly on your island occasionally and have another task for you to do. The Fishing Tournament is an entirely separate event, so be careful!

Find Out About CJ Spawn Times Here!

Catch For 3 Minutes

Fishing Tourney

CJ will give you a total of three minutes to travel around town and fish as much as you possibly can!

Put Caught Fish In The Cooler


Fish you catch during this event will automatically be sent to CJ's cooler box. This means you won't have to worry about inventory space while catching these fish. Also, if you happen to catch a super rare fish, you'll be able to get it back later!

Earn and Redeem Points

Redeem Points

Catching fish will give you points which you can redeem by talking to CJ. In exchange, you'll get some awesome fish-related items. Note that if you catch over 3 fish, you get a bonus of 2 points!

▼Fishing Tourney Event Rewards

Fishing Tourney (Tournament) - Rewards

Fishing Tournament Rewards List

These are only the rewards we were able to get. It's possible the rewards are drawn from a random pool!!

Items with a ※ mark were submitted by users!!

Get A Trophy Based On Your Total Points

Fish Trophy

If you reach a certain amount of points during the Fishing Tourney, CJ will send you a trophy relative to the points you earned the next day! Get 300 points and go for Gold!

Required Points Per Trophy

Sell Fish To CJ For A High Price

Fishing Tourney

"I'd like to sell some fish!"!!

After participating in the Fishing Tourney, CJ will buy fish from you at 1.5x their normal price! You can sell all the fish you just caught from the cooler box.

Save Up Tons Of Fish

After you've participated in the tournament once, you'll be able to go back to CJ and sell fish to him whenever you want. We highly recommend saving up rare fish with a high sell price for the next tournament day!

Check Out The Prices Of All Fish Here!

Use Fish Wand To Transform


By using the Fish wand you got in Fishing Tourney, you can change your outfit instantly. You can register your favorite fashion coordination on your wand from your closet.

Check Out A List Of All Wands Here!

Fishing Tourney (Tournament) Tips

How To Get Points Efficiently

In Advance Prep・Have at least 2 Fishing Rods
・Bring Fish Bait (10 pieces per round)
・Organize your fishing rods in your inventory
Talk to CJ with your Fishing Rod equipped
Head to the sea once the Tourney starts
Throw the bait in the water and catch fish - repeat this step
Go back to CJ when time is up
Repeat steps 1-4

Prepare Lots Of Fishing Rods

Fishing Tourney

Get at least 2 fishing rods ready so as to avoid situations where your rod breaks in the middle of the tournament and you lose a lot of time. Also, it's best to line them up in your inventory so that when they break you can switch to the next one with the D-Pad quickly!

Use Fish Bait

Fishing Tourney

"Throw bait"!!

Using fish bait here will save you a lot of time while looking for fish. Prepare a lot in advance by catching lots of Manila Clams to craft it.

Check Out More Info On Fish Bait Here

Fishing In The Sea Is Best

Fishing Tourney

Fishing in the sea makes it is a lot easier to repeat the loop of throwing bait and fishing. When you finish talking to CJ, head straight for the sea!

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