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Read this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on how to get animal posters (villager posters). Includes info on the photo studio and amiibo compatibility!!

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How To Get Animal Posteres

Buy From Nook Shopping

Buying A Poster

↑ A poster of Apple the hamster

At the Nook Shopping service, available at Resident Services, you can purchase it from the "special" tab for 1000 bells.

Added After Taking Pictures At Harv's Studio


By taking a photo at Harv's studio, you will unlock the sale of posters on your island. This photo can be taken using your Nook Phone camera app or the Switch screenshot function! Going to the studio alone is not enough, don't forget to actually take a photo there!

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Different From Villager Pictures (Photos)


↑ A letter from the Happy Home Academy indicating that displaying a Villager Photo provides bonus points towards home ranking/evaluation.

Posters are entirely different from the series staple which is the Villager Photo. These are obtained by improving your Friendship Level with a specific villager!

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Compatible Amiibo Info

New Horizons Compatible Amiibo All Work

Invitable to
Amiibo Cards (Series 1~4)※1※2
New Leaf Cards
New Leaf Cards
Any series Amiibo
(all 16 types)
(Super Smash Bros.)
(Super Smash Bros.)

※1:Support for these is set to be added later on
※2:Only animals which are normally able to move to your island are invitable!!

As you can see, every single type of amiibo currently available in the game is compatible with posters. To do so, you'll have to scan the amiibo while at the Photo Studio.

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