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Check out this Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on how to get Mystery Tour Villagers that you want. Learn about the chances to get villagers, when to farm & more!!

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Mystery Island Tour (List Of Islands)

Villager Hunting Video Guide

How To Get Specific Villagers

We've compiled a lot of the information from this article into a concise video for your perusal above, so check it out!

How To Get Mystery Tour Villagers You Want

This method is ultimately entirely random, you could end up using a lot of Miles for nothing - use this at your own discretion.


① Prepare an empty plot of land

② Collect Nook Miles

③ Meet villagers on islands

④ Repeat steps 2-3 until you get the villager you want

※3 You don't need a new plot of land if you haven't invited the 3 villagers to your island yet.

An Empty Plot Is Necessary

An empty plot of land

In order for a villager to spawn when you go on a Mystery Island Tour, you'll need to have an empty lot for a house available and placed on your island. However, if you haven't progressed the game until the part where you build 3 houses and get 3 villagers (as a part of a Tom Nook quest), you actually won't need to have an empty plot placed. Empty lots can be placed only after you build a Campsite on your island!

Check Out More Info On The Campsite Here

When Maxed Out, Have Villagers Move Out To Make An Empty Lot

The maximum number of villagers you can have living on your island at once is 10. At this point, villagers will not spawn on Mystery Island Tours! However, by having a villager move out, you can open up an empty lot on your island and villagers will start appearing on Tours again.

Check Out How To Get Villagers To Move Out

Important Notes About The Mystery Island Villager Roulette

Invite Before The Land Is Sold

Inviting A Villager

↑ Trying to recruit Audie on a Mystery Island

After The 7th Villager, Plot Sale Timing Varies

Once Tom Nook sells a plot of land to a new villager, it's locked in and you won't be able to invite a Mystery Island villager to live there. For your 7th villager, the land will be sold the day after it is placed! This means, you'll only have one day to do your villager hunting. However, for the 8th villager an oward, the timing of when land is sold appears to be entirely random.

When Moving Out, Plot Sale Is Random

When a villager moves out of your island and leaves an empty house in its place, the timing at which that lot will be sold and find a new owner is totally random. It's possible that a new inhabitant could be found the very next day, so we recommend acting as fast as possible!

Different Time According To In-Game Progress

Before Resident Services Event・Peppy, Lazy, and Normal villagers only
・Villagers you recruit will come live on an empty lot
After Resident Services Event・All personality types appear
・Don't appear if you're at max (10)
・Can recruit to a lot made available due to moving out

The personalities of villagers you encounter on Mystery Island Tours will differ depending on if you go before or after completing the resident services event. After setting up a campsite on your island, all personality types will start to appear, which might make it more difficult for you get the character you want (if they're not Peppy, Lazy, or Normal).

Check Out Our Personalities Guide

Our Mystery Tour Villager Stats

Test Conditions & Number of Attempts

Conditions・Completed the Resident Services Event
・Recruited for our 9th villager
List Of Characters We Encountered

Personality Types Of Villagers Encountered


As a result of visiting Mystery Islands over and over, we determined that generally speaking all personality types have a roughly similar chance of appearing. It's possible that the personality types that appear are somewhat influenced by the animals which currently live on your island, but effectively you can expect to have all types appear.

More Details Of Villager Probability & Rare Villagers Here

The Same Characters May Appear

Over the course of our tests we noticed that the same character may appear multiple times. Given that there are almost 400 characters in the game, you can expect the process to be rather grueling.

Miles Are Your Bottleneck

Mile Tickets

One Nook Miles Ticket will run you 2000 miles. For the purposes of our tests we spent 200,000 miles in total, but if you're really serious about getting one specific villager, you'll probably need to spend 2-3 times that amount, depending on your luck. Whatever the case may be, make sure you're always saving up miles!

Check Out How To Get Nook Miles Here

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