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A list of diving / deep sea creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH). This guide includes shadow size, locations, time (month & hours), sell prices list and charts!!

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All Deep Sea Creatures List

Sea Creatures List

SeaweedSeaweed SeaweedSmallDoesn't move600N: Oct - Jul
S: April - Jan
Time: All Day
Sea GrapesSea Grapes Sea GrapesMediumDoesn't move900N: June - Sept
S: Dec - Mar
Time: All Day
Sea CucumberSea Cucumber Sea CucumberLargeSlow500N: Nov - April
S: May ~ Oct
Time: All Day
Sea PigSea Pig Sea PigMediumFast10000N: Jan - Feb, Nov- Dec
S: May - Aug
Time: 4pm - 9am
Sea StarSea Star Sea StarMediumDoesn't move500N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
Sea UrchinSea Urchin Sea UrchinMediumDoesn't move1700N: May - Sept
S: Nov - Mar
Time: All Day
Slate Pencil UrchinSlate Pencil Urchin Slate Pencil UrchinMediumNormal2000N: May - Sept
S: Nov - Mar
Time: 4pm - 9am
Sea AnemoneSea Anemone Sea AnemoneLargeDoesn't move500N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
Moon JellyfishMoon Jellyfish Moon JellyfishMediumSlow600N: Jul - Sept
S: Jan - Mar
Time: All Day
Sea SlugSea Slug Sea SlugEx.SmallSlow600N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
Pearl OysterPearl Oyster Pearl OysterMediumFast2800N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
MusselMussel MusselMediumDoesn't move1500N: Jun - Dec
S: Dec - Jun
Time: All Day
OysterOyster OysterMediumSlow1100N: Sept - Feb
S: Mar ~ Aug
Time: All Day
ScallopScallop ScallopMediumNormal1200N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
WhelkWhelk WhelkMediumSlow1000N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
Turban ShellTurban Shell Turban ShellSmallSlow1000N: Sept - Dec, Mar - May
S: Mar - June, Sept. ~ Nov.
Time: All Day
AbaloneAbalone AbaloneLargeNormal2000N: June - Jan
S: Dec - July
Time: 4pm - 9am
Gigas Giant ClamGigas Giant Clam Gigas Giant ClamLargeFast15000N: May - Sept
S: Nov - Mar
Time: All Day
Chambered NautilusChambered Nautilus Chambered NautilusMediumSlow1800N: Mar - June, Sept - Nov
S: Mar - May, Sept - Dec
Time: 4pm - 9am
OctopusOctopus OctopusMediumNormal1200N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
Umbrella OctopusUmbrella Octopus Umbrella OctopusSmallNormal6000N: Mar - May, Sept - Nov
S: Mar - May, Sept - Nov
Time: All Day
Vampire SquidVampire Squid Vampire SquidLargeFast10000N: May - Aug
S: Nov - Feb
Time: 4pm - 9am
Firefly SquidFirefly Squid Firefly SquidSmallNormal1400N: Mar - June
S: Sept - Dec
Time: 9pm - 4am
Gazami CrabGazami Crab Gazami CrabMediumNormal2200N: June - Nov
S: Dec - May
Time: All Day
Dungeness CrabDungeness Crab Dungeness CrabLargeSlow1900N: Nov - May
S: May - Nov
Time: All Day
Snow CrabSnow Crab Snow CrabLargeFast6000N: Nov - Apr
S: May - Oct
Time: All Day
Red King CrabRed King Crab Red King CrabLargeFast8000N: Jan - Mar, Nov - Dec
S: May - Sept
Time: All Day
Acorn BarnacleAcorn Barnacle Acorn BarnacleEx.SmallDoesn't move600N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: All Day
Spider CrabSpider Crab Spider CrabLargeFast12000N: Mar - April
S: Sept - Oct
Time: All Day
Tiger PrawnTiger Prawn Tiger PrawnMediumNormal3000N: Jun - Sept
S: Dec - Mar
Time: 4pm - 9am
Sweet ShrimpSweet Shrimp Sweet ShrimpSmallNormal1400N: Sept - Feb
S: Mar - Aug
Time: 4pm - 9am
Mantis ShrimpMantis Shrimp Mantis ShrimpMediumNormal2500N: All Year
S: All Year
Time: 4pm - 9am
Spiny LobsterSpiny Lobster Spiny LobsterMediumNormal5000N: Oct - Dec
S: April - June
Time: 9pm - 4am
LobsterLobster LobsterLargeFast4500N: Dec - Jan, Apr - June
S: June - July, Oct - Dec
Time: All Day
Giant IsopodGiant Isopod Giant IsopodLargeFast12000N: July - Oct
S: Jan - April
Time: 9pm - 4am, 9am - 4pm
Horseshoe CrabHorseshoe Crab Horseshoe CrabMediumNormal2500N: July - Sept
S: Jan - Mar
Time: 9pm - 4am
Sea PineappleSea Pineapple Sea PineappleSmallDoesn't move1500N: Apr - Aug
S: Oct - Feb
Time: All Day
Spotted garden eelSpotted garden eel Spotted garden eelMediumSlow1100N: May - Oct
S: Nov - Apr
Time: 4AM - 9PM
FlatwormFlatworm FlatwormEx.SmallNormal700N: Aug - Sept
S: Feb - Mar
Time: 4pm - 9am
VenusVenus' Flower Basket VenusLargeFast5000N: Oct - Feb
S: Apr - Aug
Time: All Day

Pearls Are Not In The Critterpedia


Pearls can be obtained in the same way as all other sea creatures, but they are not listed in the Critterpedia! They are technically a DIY Material instead.

Check Out How To Get Pearls Here

Deep Sea Creatures - How To Catch

Catching Process

StepWhat To Do
1Equip a Wetsuit
2Head to the sea and press A to enter
3Look for spots with bubbles coming out
4Dive with Y and chase after the creature
5Run into the creature to catch it

You Need The Wet Suit To Dive


In order to start diving, you'll need to purchase a Wet Suit. The Wetsuit can be purchased at Nook's Cranny after you've updated to Ver. 1.3.0. You can also wear the Snorkel Mask while gathering sea creatures too!

Check Out How To Get Wetsuit & Color Variations Here

Tips On Catching Sea Creatures

How To Tell Apart Different Sea Creatures

Judge Based On The Shadow Size

Click to Enlarge

After diving underwater, it's possible to differentiate between creatures by the size of their shadow! When hunting for a particular creature, make sure to look up its shadow size beforehand!

The 4 Shadow Sizes


You can tell which sea creature you can get by looking at the shadow size. Check each sea creature's shadow size from the sea creature list above.

Check The Amount Of Bubbles

Another way to tell which creature you can get is by keeping a close eye on bubbles it produces. The picture above shows how the Sea Anemone actually has a very particular bubble pattern, making it quite easy to spot.

Some Sea Creatures Move

Some sea creatures move away from you when you try to catch them. You can also identify which sea creature it is by how fast it moves.

Can't Catch Up To Fast Creatures

Click to Enlarge

When diving underwater, it will be impossible for you to catch up to the fastest creatures. Don't press the A button at all and approach them from above!

Check Out The Fast Sea Creatures List Here

The Cornering Method

One strategy you could employ with these fish is to simply drive them to the edges of the rope & corner them. Once they have no way out, you'll be able to catch them with no problem. The only downside to this method is that it might take some time depending on your location.


StepWhat To Do
1Find a sea creature
2Approach it from behind and chase it into the rope
3When it stops or turns around, run into it to catch it!

The Sneaking Method

By simply not pressing the A button and swimming up slowly to your target, you can get close enough to catch it. You might fail when trying this against the fastest critters, but if you're persistent you should get it.


StepWhat To Do
1Find a sea creature
2Approach it slowly without pressing the A button until you're directly above its bubbles
3Dive with the Y button and catch it
Check Out All Rare Sea Creatures Here

Sea Creature Uses

Donate To Blathers


Just like fish and bugs, you can donate sea creatures at the Museum. Most importantly, Blathers will give you some interesting commentary on every creature you donate!

▲Sea creatures will be displayed in the aquarium zone

Sell Them At Nook's Cranny

nooks cranny

You can sell sea creatures at Nook's Cranny to earn bells. Sea creatures are more somewhat more valuable than fish so this might be an efficient way to earn bells fast.

Check Out A List Of Rare Sea Creatures Here

Use Them As Decorations

sea creature display

You can use sea creatures as decorations by placing them in your room or on the island. Sea creatures have unique appearances when placed out in the open!

Give Scallops to Pascal

Give Scallops to Pascal

Pascal is a Sea Otter that will show up once a day to ask for a Scallop that you have caught. Give it to him and he may award you with a furniture recipe, mermaid clothing, or a pearl for it!

Check Out Pascal Location & Guide

CJ - Fishing Challenge & Selling Sea Creatures

Does Not Count Towards The Challenge

Does Not Count Towards the Challenge

Sea Creatures do not count towards CJ's fishing challenge! If you talk to CJ with only Sea Creatures in your inventory, he'll just point out that you don't have any fish with you.

Check Out the CJ Fish Challenge

CJ Doesn't Buy Sea Creatures

It's also worth noting that CJ will not take and buy Sea Creatures from you. The only way you can sell them is by bringing them in the Nook's Cranny.

Check Out the Nook's Cranny Guide

No Sea Creature Models

Fish Cannot be a Model

Sea Creatures cannot be made into a model by CJ. They can only be placed on your island or added to the museum collection.

Check Out The Museum Guide Here

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Summer Update Wave 1 Articles

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