Anthem: Strategy Guide & Walkthrough

Anthem: Strategy Guide & Walkthrough

Welcome to the Anthem: Strategy Guide and Walkthrough! Here you will find everything to know about Anthem, including story walkthrough, items and weapons, latest news, play tips and more.

Anthem: Walkthrough & Strategy Guide

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Latest News & Updates

Anthem Latest News & Updates
New TopicOverview
Cataclysm Event UpdateCataclysm Event Update[Schedule: May 30, 2019]
Bioware has revealed the latest news regarding the Cataclysm event in a short developer livestream.
Update 1.2.0 Patch SummaryUpdate 1.2.0 Patch Summary[Schedule: May 23, 2019]
New changes to Javelin Gears, enemies, and general quality of life improvements have been implmented in Anthem's latest update!
Update 1.1.0 Patch SummaryUpdate 1.1.0 Patch Summary [Schedule: April 23, 2019]
This patch introduces the new Sunken Cell Stronghold & other new quality of life changes, major fixes, gameplay balance adjustments, and more!
March 12 UpdateUpdate 1.0.3 Patch Summary[Schedule: March 9, 2019]
Hard crash on the PS4 will be fixed on the latest update, and will introduce major gameplay changes, such as gear power upgrade, weapon buffs, and quality of life fixes!
Inscription Changes UpdateInscription Changes Update[Schedule: Feb. 28 / March 1, 2019]
Inscriptions will receive many changes this coming Feb. 28 / March 1 update!
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Anthem - Mission Guides & Walkthrough

All Expedition / Mission Walkthrough

All Expedition / Mission Walkthrough

Anthem - Gameplay Featured Articles
All Javelin Class: Build & Ability List

Beginner's Guide

Read Our Beginner's Guide & Essential Tips

Game Database

Useful Information - Tips & Guides

What Is Anthem?

The Survival of Humanity is in Your Hands

The Survival of Humanity is in Your Hands
Anthem thrusts you in a world abandoned by gods, where humanity struggles to survive cataclysms, and fend off beasts and monsters. The last bastion of humanity of now relies on Freelancers, pilots equipped with exosuits called Javelins.

Venture Into an Evolving World


The world of Anthem is unstable, unpredictable and ever-changing. Over time, Anthem will expand and introduce new stories, challenges, and world-changing events.

Build The Ultimate Warrior

Build The Ultimate Warrior

In Anthem, you will play the role of a Freelancer, and every time you venture outside the walls of your civilization, you suit up in powerful exosuits known as Javelins. As you play, you both improve your abilities as a pilot, as well as the capabilities of your Javelin.

Anthem - Gameplay Features

Team Up With 3 Other Freelancers for Coop Play

Team Up With 3 Other Freelancers for Coop Play

Anthem's world is harsh, and you need to team up with other Freelancers in order to survive and take on its tough creatures. Team up with up to 3 other players for cooperative play.

Open World Action RPG

Anthem Open World Action RPG

Piloting your Javelin, fly, swim, fight and explore the vast open world of Anthem. Take on missions and quests and uncover the secrets of the world, and become an even more powerful Freelancer.

Level Progression

Anthem Level Progression

As you venture into the world of Anthem, you as the Freelancer, and your Javelin, become even stronger by gaining experience. This enables you to take on more powerful foes, and more dangerous missions, giving you access to even stronger weapons and gear.

Obtain Powerful Gear and Loot

Obtain Powerful Gear and Loot

As you take on powerful enemies and more challenging missions, you get a chance to obtain more powerful and weapons, gear and loot, that helps you take on even more difficult challenges. Build up your gear and mix and match your equipment to your chosen play style.

Anthem - What Are Javelins?

Anthem - What Are Javelins?

In Anthem, Freelancers pilot powerful exoskeletons called Javelins, which grants its users superhuman abilities and combat capabilities. A total of 4 types of Javelins are available to play at launch!


Ranger Javelin

Anthem's most versatile Javelin, the Ranger is a balanced suit with great offense and defense, and is equipped with a multi-target missile battery and a shock mace.

Check Out RANGER Javelin Guide!


Colossus Javelin

Anthem's largest Javelin, the Colossus is like a walking tank, heavily armored, and fully equipped with heavy artillery. Unique to the Colossus is the ability to equip two heavy weapons. The Colossus is equipped with the Heavy Assault Launcher and Ordnance Launcher.

Check Out COLOSSUS Javelin Guide!


Interceptor Javelin

Designed for close range and fast paced combat, the Interceptor is the most agile Javelin in the game. With lightning-fast maneuverability, the Interceptor specializes in getting in and out fast while dealing powerful damage.

Check Out INTERCEPTOR Javelin Guide!


Storm Javelin

Reverse engineered from Dominion technology, the Storm Javelin is the latest model to be introduced to the Javelin lineup, enabling it to conjure devastating elemental attacks on its foes. Master of the elements, the Storm is equipped with Focus Seals and Blast Seals.

Check Out STORM Javelin Guide!

Anthem - Release Information

Anthem Launch on February 22, 2019

Anthem - Release Information
Release DateFebruary 22, 2019
GenreOpen World Online Action RPG
Third Person Shooter
Price$59.99 (Standard - Console)
$69.90 (Standard - PC)
PlatformPC, PS4, Xbox One
Product Information- Physical copies
- Digital Versions

Anthem, the highly anticipated third person shooter from Bioware is set to release on February 22, 2019! It will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Anthem - Available Editions


Anthem Edition Inclusions Chart

Legion of Dawn
Retail Price$59.99 (Console)
$69.90 (PC)
$79.99 (Console)
$109.90 (PC)
Base GameOO
VIP Access to Pre-launch DemosPre-order BonusPre-order Bonus
Founders Player BannerPre-order BonusPre-order Bonus
Legion of Dawn Legendary Ranger Armor Pack & WeaponPre-order BonusO
Ranger Javelin Exosuit Legendary Gear AttachmentXO
Set of Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor PacksXO
Anthem Digital SoundtrackXO

Standard Edition

Anthem Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is the most basic of the bundles with only the base game included. Purchasing the game before it's release date will also give you VIP access to Pre-launch Demos, the Founders Player Banner, and Legion of Dawn Legendary Ranger Armor Pack & Weapon.

Legion of Dawn Edition

Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition

The Legion of Dawn Edition includes the Legion of Dawn Legendary Ranger Armor Pack & Weapon, Ranger Javelin Exosuit Legendary Gear Attachment, Set of Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Packs, and the Anthem Digital Soundtrack. You also get the same pre-order bonuses as the Standard Edition if you pre-order.

Anthem - Story Summary

Official Gameplay Trailer

Story Overview


Upon an unfinished world, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment full of diverse threats. Equipped with incredible Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the Freelancers seeks to tip the balance in mankind’s favor.

*Quoted from Anthem Official Site

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