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Check out these Beginner Tips & Tricks for Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla) Learn many starting tips, strategy & guide for beginners to know what to do early in the game!

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Basics of Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Explore The World Of Old England


Uncover your roots and explore England of the old. Experience the life of a Viking and take part of different iconic Historical events.

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Play As A Male Or Female


You can play as a male or a female in the game. You can also switch instantly in-game via the menus.

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Your Choices Can Lead To Different Outcomes


The answers you choose while playing through the game will have different effects and can even change the flow of the story. Think carefully on which answer would lead to the best ending.

Make Good Use Of Manual Saves

As your choices matter in AC Valhalla, it is best to save before you make certain decisions in game. Although the game Auto-saves frequently, these save files get overwritten after sometime. Try to make a manual save file after one or two missions!

Combat Tips & Tricks

Heavy Attacks Breaks Enemy's Defenses

Heavy attack to break defenses

When fighting extremely large enemies or ones with shields, it is recommended to use Heavy attacks to break through their defenses. Follow up with a combo then back off, then rinse and repeat.

Stunning Enemies Makes Battles Easier

Try to stun your enemies during battle by parrying their attacks, dealing damage using heavy attacks and hitting their weak points with bow and arrow. Stunned enemies can't do anything, which opens up more damage opportunities for you!

Perilous Attacks Cannot Be Parried Or Block


Attacks or combos that comes after a red light cannot be blocked or parried. Stay away and dodge the attack to avoid outstanding damage.

Roll On The Ground When On Fire


During battles, you might get burned due to the ensuing chaos or a torch gone rogue. Roll on the ground to quickly stop the continuous depletion of your HP.

Restore Adrenaline By Assassinating Enemies


The adrenaline that is used to activate skills can be restored by parrying and dodging attacks. It can also be recovered by assassinating enemies.

Check The Details Of Your Gear

Gears in the game supports certain play styles. Check the details of the gears you have and equip the one that suites your strategy the most.

Light Gear = More Stamina

The lighter your gear, the more Stamina that you can use to unleash a flurry of attacks. However, the tradeoff is that your defense is likely to be lower than that of heavier armor sets. Tinker with your equipment and determine which ones are better for your playstyle.

Start Raids When Close To Water

Raiding an enemy encampment

You can use your crew to conduct raids so long as you are in a military area close to water. These locales that you can raid can reward you with supplies that are necessary to improve your Settlement, or with fine weapons.

Settlement Tips & Tricks

What Is The Settlement?


The Settlement serves as your base wherein you can build several buildings that will be useful in your adventure.

Some Of The Buildings In The Settlement

Assassin's Bureau

Assassin Bureau

Opens the Order of the Ancients Menu which gives you targets to assassinate and additional quests.

Fisherman Hut

Fishing Hut

This unlocks the "Fishing Line". Fishermen by rivers will give you rare fish which you can sell to make money!



Allows you to create your own army or Jomsviking. Other players can also use your army in exchange for Silver) . Visit regularly to see if there is any silver to claim.


Fishing Hut

This building can give your horses additional abilities that make your exploration of the world easier.

Valka The Seer


Unlocks vision quests which will enable you to explore the realms of Asgard and Jotunheim.

Exploration Tips & Tricks

Do Not Forget To Upgrade Rations & Quiver


Upgrading your Rations & Quiver will give you more space for healing items and arrows. Having lots of these will make your travels significantly easier.

For Wider View Of The Area, Use Your Raven


If you are lost or want to go to a specific place, check the path using your animal companion. You can search the area in a wider scope by using it.

Meditate To Change Time

Meditate To Change Time

You can meditate to change the in-game time from night to day and vice-versa. You can do this via the Tool Selection screen. Depending on the time of the day, enemy behavior and patrol routes may change.

Sneak Using Cloak

You can hide your identity when you have a cloak equipped. You will also be noticed less when you walk slowly with it on.

Hidden Places Always Have Treasures


Caverns and caves that are well hidden always contain rare items or abilities. Make sure to explore the area before progressing with the story so you would not miss anything.

Complete Contracts (Daily Mission) Everyday

Complete Daily Rotating Missions


Contracts are Daily Missions that can be taken each day for rewards & experience, as well as better gear. They have a time limit for completion and will be rotated out if they are not accepted or unfinished. You can pick them up from Reda! You'll earn Opals for completing them!

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