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Check out this guide on how to farm silver (money) in Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AC Valhalla). Find out how to make money, best way to farm money, where to get silver, and more!

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What Is Silver?

Uses Of Silver (In Game Money)

Silver is the primary currency in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. It is obtainable from a variety of sources in the game. You will accumulate it naturally as you play, but there may be times when you want to specifically farm for more of it.

Used To Purchase Items

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Silver is used primarily for purchasing items from merchants across the world. These merchants can be found in fixed locations such as Ravensthorpe, though you will have to set up a merchant in an area first in order to use it.

Best Way To Farm Silver

Killing enemies★★★★・ 
Selling trinkets and runes★★★・・
Looting boxes or chests★★・・・
Buying it from the real-money store★★・・・

Killing Enemies

Silver Farming

Although not guaranteed, some enemies will drop Silver upon their death. Since you will naturally be killing a lot of enemies while you play the game, we think this is the best method of acquiring silver so far. We recommend combining this with Contracts (Daily Missions) and other content for maximum efficiency.

Looting Boxes Or Chests

Silver Farming

Opening boxes, chests, or other containers in game is another way of obtaining silver. If you see anything that looks remotely openable, make sure to interact with it!

Selling Trinkets & Runes

Selling items, particularly Trinkets & Runes, is a good way to make extra silver. Items like these can be sold at merchants you find on the map.

Real Money Store

It's also possible to supplement your Silver via the in-game store. Note that this method requires the use of real money! You can purchase the currency Helix for real money and buy various things with it.

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