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Check out this Best Quickscope Loadout Class & Setup guide for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (COD Cold War)! See what Quickscoping is, how to get kills, best class for Quickscope & tips!!

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What Is Quickscoping?

One-Shotting Enemies With Brief ADS Window

One-Shotting Enemies With Brief ADS Window

Quickscoping refers to the act of one-shotting enemies with only a brief peek of Aiming Down Sights (ADS). Due to its requirements, Sniper Rifles and some headshots from Tactical Rifles will be the main weapons for this feat.

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What Counts As Quickscope & How To Get Quickscope Kills Fast

One-Shot Enemies With Less Than 1~2 Seconds In ADS

To have a kill counted as quickscope, you'll need to one-shot a target within 1~2 seconds of aiming down sights. You'll need a weapon with powerful 1-shot capability that can also ADS fast as well so you wont lose the moment to fire.

Recommended Weapon: Pelington 703

quick scoping weapon Pelington 703

Pelington 703 has the smoothest handling & mobility of all 3 sniper rifles, making it an excellent choice for the "Quick" scoping category. It also is available very early in your Enlisted ranks. If you can hit upper torso area with this weapon, you can one-shot kill.

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How To Get Quickscope Kills Fast

Lead Moving Targets

Lead Moving Targets

For moving targets, lead your shots by keeping the muzzle of your gun in front of the target as you zoom in. This way, by the time your aim comes up to the target, you can pull the trigger for the round to hit.

Make Use Of CQB-Oriented Maps

It's harder to quickscope players at range without some decent skills, since long-range sniping means a heavier scope and more range attachment needed, all detrimental to your ADS speed. Its easier to stick to close-to mid range engagements. Choose playlists that are small & compact for Quickscope farming.

Good Maps & Mode To Farm Quickscope

Get Camo For Quickscoping

Some weapon camos will have Quickscope as a requirement, requiring you to do quickscope kills with that weapon to unlock. Our recommendation is to stack attachments that lowers Aim Down Sights speed and go with a low-magnification optics for best results.

Best Quickscope Loadout Class & Setup

Max Defense & Stealth Pelington 703 Loadout Class

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Maximizes Stealth & Defense

This loadout will protect you from all sorts of explosives & flashes from tacticals, while keeping you somewhat stealthy as you move around quickscoping people. This will make life easier when competing with top tier weapons in a dynamic environment.

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Can Go For Offense Or Sustain

Taking either Stimshot or Smoke Grenades can help you plan out your playstyle. If you're looking to last longer in the battlefield, take Stims. If you have enemies that camp and guard paths, take the Smoke Grenade.

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Best Quickscope Loadout - Pelington 703

Sound ModeratorMuzzle
26.5" Tiger TeamBarrel
Fast LoaderMagazine
SAS Combat StockStock
Airborne Elastic WrapHandle

Setup For Run'n Quickscoping

This setup focus on stealth, damage, ADS speed & handling so you can run around while quickly aiming downs sights to fire off a shot. This loadout is more suited for close to mid range quickscoping.

Replace SAS Combat Stock With Optics If Needed

If you need an optics to perform better, swap the SAS Combat Stock for any red dot optics. While you lose a bit of mobility, being able to hit your targets is more important in the grand scheme of things

Choose Any 3 Attachments With Gunfighter

If you choose to pair Gunfighter wild card with this weapon, any 3 attachments are fine as we already got the basics covered. Some choice include a flashlight or other ammo attachments.

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