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Find out All assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone with this guide! Find out AR weapon features, traits, tips, newest Warzone Season 2 Assault Rifle and more!!

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All Assault Rifle (AR) List

New Warzone Season 2 Weapon


Fara 83

The FARA 83 is a new weapon and part of the Season 2 Battle Pass. Players can enjoy the weapon in either Warzone or Cold War multiplayer for free as long as they reach Tier 15 in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

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All Assault Rifles

(!) Most Call Of Duty Cold War's ARs have been added to Warzone! Click here to check them out!

M13 Assault RifleM13Automatic assault rifle featuring a short stroke piston system that keeps the fire rate high and the recoil low.
M4A1 Assault RifleM4A1Fully automatic, all purpose battle rifle. Control your shots, and this weapon can be very effective at range.
FR 5.56 Assault RifleFR 5.563 round burst bullpup battle rifle. A well placed burst can be extremely deadly at intermittent range.
AK-47 Assault RifleAK-47Very reliable automatic assault rifle chambered in 7.62mm Soviet. Large caliber ammunition requires skill to control recoil.
FAL Assault RifleFALSemi-automatic battle rifle with a high rate of fire for faster follow up shots.
FN SCAR 17s Assault RifleFN SCAR 17sLarge caliber, fully automatic assault rifle that provides high damage over long ranges.
Oden Assault RifleOdenFully automatic bullpup battle rifle maintains a slow cycle rate to help control hard hitting 12.7x55mm ammunition.
Kilo141 Assault RifleKilo 141Fully automatic assault rifle with an ergonomic design that improves handling, and a steady fire rate helps stay on target.
RAM-7 Assault RifleRAM-7 Fully automatic bullpup assault rifle with a compact design that lends itself to close quarters engagements
Grau 5.56 Assault RifleGrau 5.56This modular 5.56 weapon platform is lightweight and maneuverable, with exceptional range.
CR-56 AMAX Assault RifleCR-56 AMAX This lightweight 7.62 x39 mm full auto rifle assault rifle is compact and powerful. Built exclusively for military use, the standard issue rifle is deadly at mid range combat and easily configured for a variety of assault tactics.
AN94 Assault RifleAN94Cutting edge 5.45x39mm Russian assault rifle with a unique hyperburst feature. The initial shot from each trigger pull fires a rapid 2-round burst before perceived recoil is felt, creating a tightly grouped cluster with increased damage potential.
AS VAL Assault RifleAS VALChambered in subsonic 9x39mm and integrally suprressed, the AS VAL is a powerhouse built for stealth, accuracy, and penetration. This weapon will excel in the hands of an operator able to control heavy recoil and high rate of fire.
Fara 83FARA 83Full-auto assault rifle. High fire rate and muzzle velocity provides reliable stopping power from long range. Slightly heavier recoil with slower handling speeds.

Other Weapon List & Traits

All Attachments List

Assault Rifle (AR) Overview

Weapon Traits

Balanced Weapon Class

The Assault Rifle is one of, if not, the most balanced weapon class in the game. It is highly effective when used at mid range and is able to deal decent damage against enemies.

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Beginner Friendly

Assault Rifles are easy to use since they fire automatically (some have burst fire modes), and have average to low recoil. They are great for players just starting out in the game, and serve as a weapon to help them gain experience.

Weapon Tips

Fire In Bursts At Far Away Targets

Fire In Bursts At Far Away Targets

Fire in short bursts at far away targets instead of holding down the trigger. This helps you maintain your accuracy and negate the Assault Rifle's recoil.

Reload When Not Engaging Enemies

Keep your weapon fully reloaded so you are ready when you face an enemy! You don't want to run out of bullets when you are in the middle of a gunfight!

Switch To Another Weapon If You Empty Your Clip

You can switch to your secondary weapon if you run out of bullets. It is much faster to do this rather than reload your Assault Rifle.

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