Warzone | Unable To Connect / Server Down - How to Fix (Updated Jan.13) | Modern Warfare

Anonymous 30

I managed to connect once in 5 days, other game shave no problem on PS4, only cod. I want to give up but at the same time still want to play it

Anonymous 29

been unable to connect for 3 days now, what the hell are they doing with the servers?

so can we do anything? or juSt have to wait...**** my problems stated 2 days after i bought full digital version.Its annoying. Tell me did anyone1 solved this problem?

I tried reconnecting my ps4 multiple times on WiFi to try to reconnect. Tried everything else. Last thing I tried was ether net cable into the router from ps4 and this actually let me connect to the games server. Them tried the wireless connection after and again this failed.

Anonymous 26

I keep getting dropped mid game with can’t connect to server on ps4

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