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Read this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW) guide to learn how to change the reticle of your weapon! Find out how to change optics, best reticles for optics, and more!!!

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How to Change Reticles

Change Reticles at the Gunsmith

Change Reticles at the Gunsmith
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You will be able to change your weapon's reticles at the gunsmith. The reticle customization option can be found under the "Customization" tab.

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Unlock Reticles By Completing Challenges

Unlock Reticles By Completing Challenges
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Initially, some reticles will be locked behind challenges. However, once the reticle is unlocked, it can be equipped to any weapon with the same type of optic.

Reticle Cannot Be Changed Without Optics

Keep in mind that your reticle cannot be changed if you have iron sights equipped. You will only be able to change reticles if there is an optic attached to your weapon.

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Best Reticles

Best Reticles List

NOTE: This list is a work in progress. More reticles will be added as soon as more information is confirmed.

Small Reticles Obstruct Your View Less

Small reticles are the best option as these reticles do not obstruct your peripheral view. This lets you train your sights on enemies much faster, and adjust your aim better.

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