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Check out the best Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2020 & Warzone! Find out pros & cons of HDR vs AX-50, loadouts, attachments setup & which is best for you in COD MW!!

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Best Sniper Rifle: HDR vs AX-50 Comparison

This article is for both Modern Warfare Multiplayer and Warzone.

Distinct Characteristics For Both

Unlike most other weapons, HDR & AX-50 has distinct characteristics that makes them highly preference oriented. Your experience with each Sniper Rifle will vary greatly based on your playstyle. We break down these differences in our guide.

HDR vs AX-50 Comparison Table

CharacteristicsHDR AX-50
Bullet Velocity Slower Faster
Bullet Drop None Some
Stability At Range Higher Lower
ADS Speed Slower Faster
Rate of Fire Slower Faster
Damage 1 shot kill 1 shot kill

Use Blueprints To Test Sniper Rifles

Use Blueprints To Test Sniper Rifles
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If you have the Battle Pass or met Mission Challenges, chances are you may have a few HDR or AMX blueprints lying around. As they come with attachments, use blueprints to get a better feel of the 2 weapons.

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Best Sniper Rifle Loadout: HDR

Best Sniper For Accurate Players

HDR Sniper Rifle Basic Information

HDR's power lies in its ballistics stability at all ranges. In short, if you're good at putting the crosshairs on targets first, you can kill your opponents fast. Its slower rate of fire means that follow-up shots are slower so make every shot count.

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HDR Best For:

Great For Long-Range Sniping

HDR has a very stable ballistics trajectory that remains flat even to extreme ranges. If you're looking to pick people from very far away, HDR is suitable for the task.

Harder to Snap-Shot

HDR is restricted by its slower Aim Down Sights (ADS) speed & Slower fire rate (Re-cocking motion). Its highly possible you'll be outgunned when caught with your pants down, so plan and act strategically.

Bring Renetti Or Another weapon For Protection

Bring Renetti For Protection

Unless you're running Amped Perk, you'll probably won't swap fast enough to your other weapon in time when ambushed. Renetti will be a good sidearm to bring for its fast swap speed and ease of use. Renetti was introduced in Season 3.

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HDR Best Sniper Rifle Loadout & Attachments

All-Purpose Warzone Loadout

Snipe & Fight At All Ranges

This loadout allows you to snipe with ease while still be able to fight at all ranges. Deal with enemies close by with Ram-7 while sniping away with HDR in the meantime.

Hide From Thermal Optics

Thermal optics are plentiful in Warzone and being able to hide from it is a huge plus, especially when counter-sniping. So, we picked Cold Blooded for this setup.

Check First If Area Is Safe To Snipe

Heartbeat sensor lets you have a rough estimate on if there's enemies in the vicinity. Check it often to see if the are's clear for a long-range shot.

HDR Recommended Attachments

Best Sniper Rifle Loadout: AX-50

Best Sniper For Mobility

AX-50 Sniper Rifle Basic Information

AX-50 can better adapt to the changing environments thanks to its faster Aim Down Sights (ADS) speed & good fire rate (Re-cocking motion). It will feel handy for players that likes to set their own conditions for battle.

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AX-50 Best For:

Familiarize With the Bullet Drop

While not as serious as the Bullet drops in other games, AX-50 has a bit of bullet drop that can make make you miss a shot in ranged engagements. Its something that can only be minimized by muscle memory, so get training!

Can Wipe Opponents Faster In Warzone

With its faster rate of fire, you can kill opponents downed by your 1st shots faster than HDR in Warzone. If finishing the job is what you're after, AX-50 will be of good use.

AX-50 Best Sniper Rifle Loadout & Attachments

Warzone Pursuer Loadout

Great Versatility In The Field

Weapons are plentiful in Warzone field. Why stick to one weapon? With Amped, you can swap your secondary weapon to anything you deem is good in the field that fit your situation. Just keep your AX-50 for fast sniping.

Know When You're Spotted With High Alert

High Alert lets you know when you've been sighted and a rough direction of the enemy spotting you. Use it to evade & outflank opponents.

Hide From Thermal Optics

As you move & snipe around, it is very likely you'll be spotted by thermal optics. Cold-Blooded will stop those pesky snipers spots and let you move around and counter-snipe easier.

AX-50 Recommended Attachments

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