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OverviewImportance▶Points of No Return
Find out the permanent choices & irreversible actions in FE: Three Houses here!3image▶How to Raise Student Skills
This guide will teach you how to upgrade your students through different methods!3image▶How to Increase Motivation
Motivate your students efficiently with this guide!3image▶Certification Exams
Learn how to change your units' classes with this guide.3image▶How to Recruit Characters
Learn how to scout students from other house here!3image▶How to Increase Unit Stats
Learn how you can strengthen your characters in this guide!3image▶How to Get Seals
Find out how you to get Seals for the Certification Exams here.3image▶How to Get Hero Relics
Find out how to unlock and where to get Hero Relics!3image▶After Beating the Main Story
Learn what you can do after beating the game here!2image▶Which House Should You Choose?
Use this as a reference in choosing your House for your playthrough!2image▶Exploring the Monastery
Use this guide to learn the features & activities available in the Monastery.2image▶Seminars
Find out how to use Seminars and their effects in this guide.2image▶How to Get More Activity Points
Find out how you can get more Activity Points here.2image▶How to Assign Goals for Students
Learn how you can assign goals to your students here!2image▶Using the Blacksmith
Learn how to use the Blacksmith to repair and upgrade weapons!2image▶Difference Between Male / Female Byleth
Know the main differences between male or female Byleth - including best class for the main character!2image▶How to Increase Professor Level
Learn about the Professor Level and how to rank up in this guide!2image▶Raise Skill Levels Fast
Learn how to raise skill levels in order to get stronger in fights!2image▶Adjutants & Their Effects
Learn the effects of Adjutants and how to assign them to units!2image▶Team Composition
Check out how to create a formidable team!2image▶Faculty Training
Learn the benefits of Faculty Training, and find out how to train in the Monastery!2image▶Sharing Meals
Check this guide to unlock the sharing meals feature & the activity's effects!2image▶All Gift List
Know how the correct gifts to give to each character in this guide.2image▶Sauna
Find out what you can do in the Sauna at the academy!1image▶Choir Practice
Find out what you can do in the Choir Practice at the academy!1image▶Group Tasks
Learn how to use Group Tasks and about their benefits!1image▶How to Fish
Read this guide to learn everything about fishing and its benefits!1image▶Budding Talents
Check out how to unlock Budding Talents in this guide!1image▶How To Garden
Read this guide to unlock gardening, its benefits, and tips to garden efficiently!1image▶How To Win In-House Tournaments
Check out how to unlock In-House Tournaments & best ways to win them!1image▶How To Beat Death Knight & Get Dark Seal
Check out how to defeat Death Knight and get the Dark Seal in the early-game!1image▶How To Unlock Advice Box
Learn how to unlock the Advice Box and its benefits in this guide!1image▶Lost Items List
Check this list for all lost items and their rightful owners!1image

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  • ▶How to Raise Student Skills
  • ▶How to Increase Motivation
  • ▶How to Recruit Characters
  • ▶How to Increase Unit Stats
  • ▶How to Get Hero Relics
  • ▶After Beating the Main Story
  • ▶Which House Should You Choose?
  • ▶Exploring the Monastery
  • ▶How to Get More Activity Points
  • ▶How to Assign Goals for Students
  • ▶Difference Between Male / Female Byleth
  • ▶How to Increase Professor Level
  • ▶Raise Skill Levels Fast
  • ▶Adjutants & Their Effects
  • ▶How To Win In-House Tournaments
  • ▶How To Beat Death Knight & Get Dark Seal
  • ▶How To Unlock Advice Box
  • ▶Farming Activity Points
  • ▶Difficulty & Game Modes
  • ▶Stat Growth Rates Guide
  • ▶Edition - Price & Bonus
  • ▶Online Mode Features Guide
  • ▶DLC & Expansion Pass Information
  • ▶New Features and Changes
  • ▶Is the Weapon Triangle Gone?
  • All Story Walkthrough List
  • How To Recruit Characters
  • Motivation & Bonds System
  • Captain's Quarter Location
  • How to Increase Professor Level
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  • Ch.20: The City Without Light
  • Increasing Professor Level
  • How to Raise Student Skills
  • How to Unlock Dancer Class
  • How to Beat Demonic Beast
  • How to Unlock Edelgard Story
  • What to Do After End-Game
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