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Check out this guide detailing Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Dancer Class. Know how to unlock it & how to effectively use the Dancer to defeat your enemies with this guide!

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Dancer Class Info

DescriptionThe Dancer energizes allies with inspiring movement, allowing them to act again. This class also wields magic.

Dancer Class Conditions

Required LevelNone
Class RequirementsObtain Dancer Class Certification by winning the 12/16 event

Skill Experience Bonus

Bonus SkillsSwordSword +2
AuthorityAuthority +2
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Dancer Class Stats

Stat Bonuses


Dancer Class Abilities & Combat Arts

Class Abilities

Dance IconDance
Use dance to allow an ally to move again.
Sword IconSword Avo +20
Grant +20 Avo when using a sword.

Combat Arts

Sword Combat IconSword Dance
An attack that makes dodging counterattacks easier. Mt increases based on unit's Cha.

How To Use Dancer Class

Grants An Extra Move

Dancer Info
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The special ability of a dancer is that it can give characters an extra move in a single turn. This means that a strong character can move, hit, and possibly defeat two enemies in a single turn.

Keep Close To Support A Character

Dance Support Character
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In order to use the Dancer's "Dance" skill, it has to be beside a character to target them. Always try to keep the dancer close to the character that you wish to support.

How To Unlock Dancer Class

Check The Bulletin Board On 12/7

The White Heron Cup event on 12/16 requires a representative from the player's house. The character selected for this event will be able to change class into a Dancer.

How to Unlock

1. Select A Character For 12/14

White Heron Cup Quest
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The White Heron Cup event has a time limit and must be fulfilled in either 12/7 or 12/14's exploration. Look for characters that are willing to participate in the event.

Only 1 Character Can Be A Dancer

Once you choose a character, only that character can change into a dancer anytime during the duration of your current playthrough. Once you chooose that character, there are no ways to cancel their participation. It is recommended to assign someone that can act as a support.

2. Dance Practice

Dance Practice
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Speaking to your dance representative opens up a choice to help via dance practice. After practicing, the dancer will be rewarded with a 5 point increase in Cha. Unlocking the Dancer class requires 13 points of Cha. Be sure not to pass this opportunity for a substantial increase in Cha. This action does not cost an Activity Point.

3. Win The Competition In 12/16

Flayn Pass
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The White Heron Cup dance competition is on 12/16. If your character has met the required 13 Cha stats, he/she will win and be rewarded with the Dancer Class.

The Dancer Is A Unique Class

Dancer Unique Class
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In order to change into the Dancer Class, it must be manually selected by going to Inventory and then choosing Reclass. The Dancer Class is under the Unique Class category.

Recommended Characters For Dancer Class

Selecting A Character For Dancer Class

The Dancer Class can only be taken by one character. It is recommended to designate characters that have a more support role and characters that have low stat gain per level.

Recommended Characters

List to be expanded in the future.

DorotheaDorotheaRecommended when playing as the Black Eagles as she usually fulfills the role of a support/healer. Make her more viable in the battlefield by designating her as a dancer.
FlaynFlaynRecommended for Blue Lions & Golden Deer. Flayn is mainly a healer/support and having her change into a Dancer would make her stronger for the role.
Marianne DancerMarianneRecommended for the Golden Deer. Marianne has decent magic and healing capabilities and making her a Dancer grants her a bit of survivability due to the Avo granted by the role.

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