Mario Kart Tour - Guide & Database

Mario Kart Tour - Guide & Database

Welcome to the Mario Kart Tour Guide! Learn about the game's news, updates, walkthroughs, Course & drivers, strategy guides, & more!

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Mario Kart Tour - Latest News

Game Official Launch Date Confirmed!

mario kart tour

Mario Kart Tour will go live on Sep. 25, 0800 UTC! Get ready for a wild ride!

A Nintendo Account Is Needed

nintendo account needed

To play Mario Kart Tour, you'll need a Nintendo account. You can register one for free, so do it if you haven't done so!

Make A Nintendo Account Here!

Mario Kart Tour - Reroll Guide

reroll guide

Mario Kart Tour - Beginner Tips

beginner tips
reroll tier listReroll Tier List
Maximize your initial rerolls by checking this guide to know which driver is the best!
fast rerollFast Reroll Method
Read this guide to learn how to quickly reroll your starting drivers.

Other Tips & Guides

Mario Kart Tour - Driver Info

Mario Kart Tour - Course Guide

Stage 1Stage 2
Stage 3Stage 4

Mario Kart Tour - Game Database

When Does Mario Kart Tour Come Out?

Mario Kart Tour was announced to be officially released on Sep.25, 0800 UTC. Mark your calendar and get ready to download it from Apple Store or Google play!

What Is Mario Kart Tour?

The First Mario Kart For Mobile Devices In The Series

Mario Kart Tour is the first mobile version in its series. It combines the iconic gameplay of previous titles with the accessibility & ease of use of mobile devices. It is a Free-To-Play game with in-game transactions.

Gather Karts And drivers!

Gather Karts & drivers
Click to Enlarge

Many iconic karts & drivers are back for more action! You can collect them to form your own dream team & collection!

Get Ahead With Special Items!

special items

drivers has special items that only they can use that may change the tide of a race! Pick your driver & their items for the wins, and for the lolz!

Enjoy Racing In Maps From Previous Versions

previous maps

Mario Kart Tour boasts not only new maps to choose from, but a variety of old maps made anew for players to race on. Race on in these iconic Course from the past!

Mario Kart Tour - Gameplay System

New Mechanics - Frenzy


If you get 3 of the same items in your slots at the same time, you enter a Frenzy mode. Not only that you become invincible, you also get unlimited use of that item.

Many Cup Challenge Awaits


Mario Kart Tour invites you to the Cup challenge of 4 Course. Clear the Course one by one to compete in the Cup challenges!

Compete For The Best Scores!


You'll get scores for participating in Cup challenges which will determine your rankings. Get higher ranking by getting more scores, so you can move up the league!

Mario Kart Tour - Enhancements

Action Points


Every drivers, kart, and gliders has action points attached to them. These action points will be added to your stage score.

Skill Levels


Every driver, kart, and glider has certain skills. Raise your score levels to learn skills that will help you get even more points on courses.

Drivers That Appear In Mario Kart Tour



An iconic character in the series, Mario has even stats that are balanced for every situation.



Mario's nemesis. Can slam other karts away with its huge body.

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