Marvel's Avengers | Power Level Guide - How To Increase & Farm Gear

Check out this Marvel's Avengers Game guide on Power Levels. Find out how to increase power level, get better gear, max out power level, farm gear, best missions to farm, and more!

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How To Increase Power Level

Methods Of Raising Power & Rating

Day of the Remains MissionOne mission with several easy-to-access bonus objectives★★★★
Vault FarmingVaults contain huge amounts of loot, though getting a Vault Key can require some luck. ★★★・・
Drop ZonesVery short, easy to knock out missions, but drop slightly less loot.
Note: Drop Artifacts
HivesMissions with several floors. Give lots of loot and EXP, but are longer.★★★・・
Other MissionsOther various missions.★★・・・

General Tip: Focus On Secondary Objectives

Bonus objectives
Click to Enlarge

Many missions will have secondary (bonus) objectives on the map, indicated by the icons above. In general, regardless what method you choose, you'll want to farm missions which have many of these, and always do them! Chests are often the best source of high-level gear.

1. Day Of The Remains Mission

Gear Upgrade

One excellent mission for increasing power level is the Inhuman Faction Mission Day Of The Remains. The reason this mission is so good is that it has an abundance of bonus objectives! Depending on your speed, this should take you about 15-20 minutes and will provide you with a lot of gear.

The Tower Objective

Bonus objectives
Click to Enlarge

One bonus objective to the right side of the map will require you to do something special to open up the area with the reward. Sometimes there will be a tower with a total of 4 panels you need to hit to open. Other times the panels will be on the ground, however, so don't expect it to always be the same!

Credit for this method goes to YouTuber Alldayanyday1. Clicking the link will take you to his channel to watch a video of this method.

2. Elimination Drop Zones

Drop Zone

We recommend Drop Zones (any are okay, but Eliminations tend to be fast) as a good source of farming for one simple reason - you can knock them out quite quickly. These can be done in 5-10 minutes, depending on your speed. Since difficulty doesn't affect the gear level of drops, you can also set it to the lowest to go as fast as possible.

Level Up Your Artifacts Here

Drop Zones will provide you with an Artifact upon completion! This is significant, as these items won't drop normally from all other missions. You'll want to do a Drop Zone fairly regularly to keep your minor artifacts up to speed.

3. Vault Farming

Vaults are special missions which require a unique item to enter. This item can be found randomly in the Stark Realities mission. Getting this item will let you start a Vault mission - these contain tons of chests and items and are quite great for getting tons of gear.

1Enter Stark Realities and find the room where Vaults can drop
2If you get one, exit out and launch a Vault from the Warzone.
NOTE: If you don't get a Vault, restart the Stark Realities mission and try again.
3Clear the Vault Mission
4Repeat steps 1-3
Read Up More On Vault Missions Here

4. Hives


Hive Missions are longer in duration and have multiple floors. As such, they take an equally longer time to clear (40 minutes or so), but they will give you a lot of gear as well. If you have the available time to spare, it's worth trying some of these out. In terms of efficiency however, they might not be the best.

Check Out More About Hive Missions Here

Power Level Mechanics

How Does Power Level Work?

The gear which drops in missions scales according to your currently equipped gear. If your average power level is 52, you'll get gear in a range around that. Not all gear will be above 52 - there will be some element of luck involved here.

Check Out More Info On Gear Here

Level Up Your Gear Evenly

Gear Example
Click to Enlarge

↑ An example of a bad power level discrepancy

Try to keep all your items at the same-ish power level. Gear drops are determined by your average power level, so if you have level 50 Artifacts but level 70 gear, the artifacts will bring down your average loot level, meaning you won't get upgrades to your gear!

Regularly upgrade your artifacts to ensure you have an even power level distribution. Drop Zone Missions will give you a guaranteed artifact upon completion, so do them regularly!

Don't Upgrade Gear Too Much Early On

Gear Upgrade

It may seem strange, but we actually do not recommend upgrading low level gear! Wait until you reach the maximum level gear you can to start upgrading. Before that, you'll be replacing gear too quickly to even bother with upgrades.

The exception to the above rule is if you really need the extra power to overcome a particularly difficult mission. Remember that upgrading gear will also unlock later perks, so one or two upgrades might be acceptable in some cases.

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