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Monster Hunter Rise Latest Info

3.3.1 Update Released On August 26th

Release DateAugust 26, 2021
Content・Capcom Collab 3
・Event Quests

During the May 26th Digital Event, it was revealed that Monster Hunter Rise's patch 3.3 will be heading our way at the end of August. It is also recently released via Monster Hunter Rise Official Website that the new update 3.3.1 will be released on August 26th!

3.3.1 Update - August Release Date

3.2 Update Released On July 29th

3.2 Update - Release Date
Click to Enlarge
Release DateJuly 29, 2021
Content・Capcom Collab 2
・Event Quests

During the May 26th Digital Event, it was revealed that Monster Hunter Rise's patch 3.2 will be arriving toward the end of July, and the update was finally released on July 29th!

3.2 Update - July Release Date

Okami - Ammy Palamute Layered Armor

okami 1
QuestRising Sun!?
DateJuly 30, 2021
ObjectiveDeliver 21 Sun Goddess Pictures
LocaleShrine Ruins

The Event Quest Rising Sun!? was added on July 30th in collaboration with Okami. You will be able to craft "Ammy Palamute Layered Armor" after completing the quest for the first time.

Rising Sun!? - Event Quest

3.1 Update Released On June 24th

3.1 Update - Release Date
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Release DateJune 24, 2021
Required SpaceAbout 0.65GB (only for this update)
・Event Quests
・Bug fixes

During the May 26th Digital Event, it was revealed that Monster Hunter Rise's patch 3.1 will be released in June 24, 2021. Details are likely to come at some form of Digital Event in the latter half of June!

3.1 Update - June Release Date

MH Stories 2 - Tsukino Palico Layered Armor


The Event Quest "Bird Wyverns Of Ruin?" was added on June 18th in collaboration with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. You will be able to create "Tsukino Layered Armor" after completing the quest for the first time.

Bird Wyverns Of Ruin? Quest Details

MH Stories 2 - Rider Layered Armor

Stories Collab.jpg
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Date How To Obtain
July 9th (Friday) ・Use saved data from Monster Hunter Stories 2
└ Kinship Talisman & Rider Layered Armor

Aside from the previous announcement for the Tsukino Palico Layered Armor. Hunters can also obtain the Kinship Talisman by playing the trial version of the game and Rider Layered Armor by using the saved data from Monster Hunter Stories 2 on July 9th.

How To Link Monster Hunter Stories 2 & Rewards

Info On Other Related Updates

Future update dates were also announced in the Digital Event. Check out info on them below:

Monster Hunter Rise Older Info

Older News & Updates List

E3 - Date & Time

June 14th, 2021 at 2:30pm (PT)


E3 Capcom will start on Monday, June 14th, 2021 at 2:30pm Pacific Time.

E3 2021 - Release Date & Summary

Release Date Announcement On May 26 Digital Event

May 26 Digital Event

Version 3.0 of MH Rise has officially been announced and confirmed to come out at the end of May. The release date as well as other details of the update were given during the Digital Event on May 26th!

See The May 26 Digital Event Summary

Update 3.0 Release Date: May 27

Update 3.0 is officially set to launch on May 27th, likely at 0:00 UTC!

Learn More About Update 3.0

Kamura Pack 2: Big Hit Celebration Giveaway

Kamura Pack 2
Click to Enlarge

In celebration of Monster Hunter Rise selling over 6 million copies worldwide, all players have been distributed a pack full of goodies! We've been able to confirm this pack is now out, so make sure to check your mail and pick up the useful items contained within!

Pack Contents
・Mega Potion x30
Well-done Steak x20
・Large Barrel Bomb x10
・Mega Demondrugs x5
・Mega Armorskin x5

Update 2.0 Released On April 28

Apex Version Of Rathalos

New content, monsters, and other features are to be added in Monster Hunter Rise! Check the link below for more details.

More About Update 2.0 Here!

Bug Fixes For Duplicate Talismans


▲ Official Announcement from Capcom

Capcom has just announced that a fix is on the way for the Melding bug. With this bug, inputting a specific combination will produce multiple copies of the same Talisman. We can expect the bug fix to come via a patch with Update 2.0.

Digital Event On April 27

Event Details
DateApril 27, 2021 (Monday)
Time7am PDT, 15:00 BST
Content・Monster Hunter Rise Update 2.0
・Monster Hunter Stories 2 Announcement

The official channels of Monster Hunter have just announced a digital event wherein they will be announcing new content for both Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2. The event will also focus on Update 2.0 for Monster Hunter Rise. The event is very likely to reveal the final release date of Update 2.0.

April 27 Digital Event Summary

Gamewith Is On Twitter

Monster Hunter Rise Account

GW Twitter

We also post content related to Monster Hunter Rise on Twitter - follow us to stay up to date on the latest MHR news and other information!

Gamewith Twitter MH Rise

Monster Hunter Rise - New Monsters

New Monster Info

English names for Monsters marked with ※ are not yet known. Instead we've written the transliterations of their Japanese names!!

Check Out All New Monsters Here

Returning Monsters

The Signature Monster: Magnamalo

Click to Enlarge

Spearheading all of the new monster additions in Monster Hunter Rise we have the Magnamalo. This menacing creature will be the game's "main" monster, and can be seen fighting a Tobi Kadachi, and seems to play a prominent role in the game's story.

Attacks With Its Tail?

Magnamalo Tail
Click to Enlarge

In the trailer we saw the Magnamalo's tail grow purple and fly towards the Tobi Kadachi. We're not sure exactly how it will make use of its tail to attack, but it's clear that it will play a part in this monster's attack patterns.

Monster Hunter Rise - New Actions

New Tool: The Wirebug


The Wirebug is a new type of tool that will change how you see the world of Monster Hunter Rise! It acts like a grappling hook which allows you to traverse steep rocky terrain, zip around open areas, and even combine it with moves to create devastating attacks!

Check Out The Wirebug Here

Barrel Bombs Mid-Air?


One interesting addition to the game is that you seem to be able to throw barrel-bombs while mid air, leading to as massively powerful explosion!

New Moves For All Weapons


Each Monster Hunter weapon type is seeing additions in temrs of new special abilities. Thanks to the Wirebug, you'll find your overall versatility go up as you get brand new ways to use your favorite weapons.

List Of All Weapons

Monster Hunter Rise - New Systems

Endemic Life Helps You Hunt


Hunting Helpers are a new type of Endemic Life that will, as the name suggests, aid you in your hunt! They can be used as items and grant you boons, or be used to grant effects on monsters.

Check Out Endemic Life In Detail Here

Camps Are Same As MHW


Camps appear to function in the same way as they did in the most recent game in the franchise, Monster Hunter World. You can change equipment and items, even during the middle of a quest, providing you a respite from otherwise tough challenges.

New Pets: Cahoots


Cahoots are adorable owl creatures which will join up with you on your quest. They are reminiscent of Poogies from previous games, as they'll be able to communicate with you! Additionally, they'll alert you to the location of monsters in the wild as well!

Monster Hunter Rise - New Buddies

Overview Of Companions

Palamute・Good offensive capabilities
・Can get around by riding them
Palicoes・Provides a wide range of support

New Buddy: Palamutes


The Palamute is a new companion you can bring along in Monster Hunter Rise. They are canine-like creatures which are large enough for you to ride! This means you'll be using them as a means of transportation, since you won't consume any stamina while riding them!

Also Attack Monsters

When you're not riding on a Palamute, they'll be able to assist you in battle by fighting monsters. Palamutes are more suited for battle than Palicos!

New Features For Palicoes As Well


Palicoes will of course be coming to Monster Hunter Rise. It seems this time around they'll be providing a more supportive role, to better contrast with Palamutes. Though we're not sure of the details, it seems that by popping a bubble with a paw mark on it, you'll gain various supportive buffs!

Can Have Up To 2 Buddies At A Time

It will be possible to bring a maximum of 2 buddies along with you on your quests. You can choose a combination that best suits your playstyle, meaning you can have two Palamutes, just one, or none if you so choose!

Posisble To Design Your Own Buddy


You'll be able to choose the fur color, eye shape, and other features of your buddy as well. You'll likely be fighting alongside each other for quite a while, so it might be worth spending some extra time on the character creator to make your companion look exactly how you want it to!

Monster Hunter Rise - New Areas

The Shrine Ruins


The Shrine Ruins are a place surrounded by mountains and forests with a dark and lonely atmosphere. It was said that there are plenty of discoveries to be made in this mysterious place, so it will no doubt be quite worthwhile to explore!

Loadless Travel Between Areas


Monster Hunter Rise will employ seamless travel between areas, without needing to load! You'll be able to get from zone to zone smoothly, just like in MHW: Iceborne.

Flooded Forest Is Back


First making its appearance in Monster Hunter 3, the Flooded Forest is returning for Monster Hunter Rise! The giant ruins that abound the area will no doubt make perfect targets for your Wirebug, allowing you to traverse the zone freely.

New Area - Kamura Village

Click to Enlarge

Kamura Village seems to be one of the most pivotal locations in Monster Hunter Rise. The atmosphere is clearly inspired by traditional Japanese architecture - made particularly evident by the brilliant castle in the village. Kamura will also have many of the facilities players are used to seeing, such as the Smithy.

The Rampage & Its Effects


Kamura village seems to have been beset by the terrible Rampage. This was an event where hoards of monsters attacked the village - it seems that your goal in Monster Hunter Rise will be to prevent this Rampage from happening to the village again!

Monster Hunter Rise - Release Date

Game Information

Release DateMarch 26th, 2021
PlatformsSwitch Only
Price$59.99 (Standard Edition)
$69.99 (Deluxe Edition)
$99.99 (Collector's Edition)
EditionsStandard Edition
Deluxe Edition
Collector's Edition
Official StoreMonster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise comes out on March 26th, 2021 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. There are several editions with various bonuses, so make sure to compare them before deciding which one to buy.

Check Out The Editions Here!

Demo Now Out!

Availability PeriodJanuary 7th - February 1st

A limited-time only demo of Monster Hunter Rise is now available! However, you can only download and play this until February 1st, so make sure to give this a try before it's taken down!

Check Out The Demo Guide Here

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