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All Weapon Types List & Silk Bind Attacks in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide on silk attacks, silk binds for all weapon types, how to use them and changes in MH Rise!!

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All Weapon Types List

Weapon Controls & Recommended Combos

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How To Use Wirebug In MH Rise

Different Buttons For Blademaster And Gunner

Blademasters and Gunners will operate differently as seen above. The common point here is that they may only be used while the weapon is unsheathed.

Wirebug Gauge


Silk bind attacks are activated by using up the Wirebug Gauge. Gauge consumption and recovery time vary per Silk bind attack. If you use Wirebug without thinking, you might not have enough gauge to perform certain attacks at opportune times, so make sure to save your gauges for Silk bind attacks.

Learn More About Wirebug Here

Switch Skills in MH Rise

Change Moves With Switch Skills

switch skills

"Switch Skills" is the new feature of Monster Hunter Rise announced during the March 8 Digital Event. This move allows hunters to swap certain Silk bind attacks for another and can be very useful when certain moves are too difficult to perform.

Check Out The Digital Event (March 8) Summary Here

New Moves Of All Weapons

Great Sword - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Hunting Edge OR Adamant Charged Slash

hunting Edge
[ZL] + [X]

Hunting Edge is a forward leaping attack. After landing a hit with Hunting Edge or Adamant Charged Slash, press [X] or [ZR] to follow up with Plunging Thrust or Charged Slash for quick additional damage. This new move increases the mobility of Great Sword users significantly.

Hunting Edge can be switched with Adamant Charged Slash which dashes straight ahead and finishes with a Strong Charged Slash. This move prevents being affected by knockdown attacks while being executed. Considering Hunting Edge is known to be difficult to perform, there's a high chance that Adamant Charged Slash will be the main attack of choice among the two.

Power Sheathe

power sheathe
[ZL] + [A]

Power Sheathe increases your attack power for a short period of time as you sheathe the weapon. Since you'll be sheathing the weapon frequently, this move will come in handy in many situations.

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Long Sword - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Soaring Kick OR Silk bind Sakura Slash

Soaring Kick
[ZL] + [A]

Soaring Kick consumes 1 Wirebug gauge to jump kick the enemy. When successfully hit, it connects to a Plunging Thrust. Hitting this Plunging Thrust fills up your Spirit Gauge automatically for certain period of time. You can also perform a Spirit Helm Breaker after the jump kick by spending one level of Spirit Gauge.

Soaring Kick may be switched with Silk bind Sakura Slash which is an attack that spins around to slice the enemy down. This attack allows for multiple hits and grants 1 free Spirit Gauge after the move.

Serene Pose

serene pose
[ZL] + [X]

By activating the Serene Pose before getting hit by enemy's attack actives a counter attack. This consumes 2 gauges of Wirebug.

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Sword & Shield - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Falling Shadow OR Metsu Shoryugeki

Falling Shadow
[ZL] + [X]

Falling Shadow is a forward leaping attack. A succsssful hit will lead into a Scaling Slash. You can also follow up with a Falling Bash to stun your enemies.

Metsu Shoryugeki is an attack that may be switched with Falling Shadow. The hunter jumps up with an uppercut using the shield after a successful Guard.


[ZL] + [A]

Uses Wirebug to swing your blade around. You can nullified monster's attack at the beginning of this move. This consumes 2 gauges of Wirebug.

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Dual Blades - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Piercing Bind OR Tower Vault

piercing bind
[ZL] + [X]

Piercing Bind is a move that throws a kunai to the enemy that detonates after a certain period of time. You can increase the damage of the kunai's explosion by landing more attacks while the kunai is stuck on the enemy.

Tower Vault can be switched with Piercing Bind and is an attack that does no damage but allows for movement through the air with the weapons drawn - very useful for close combat.

Shrouded Vault

Shrouded Vault
[ZL] + [A]

Hurls you forward in a designated direction. Getting hit while in motion triggers a counter-attack. Since the reach of dual blades tends to be short, this move can compensate for that weakness by leaping toward the enemy quickly.

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Hammer - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Spinning Bludgeon OR Dash Breaker

Silk bind Spinning Bludgeon
[ZL] + [X]

Spinning Bludgeon is a move that leaps forward and unleashes a spinning attack. You could do something similar in previous Monster Hunter World while sliding down the slope but this time, you don't have to have slope to perform this.

Dash Breaker is a switchable attack that enables the hunter to rush forward to attack and negates all enemy damage while in movement.

You Can Charge And Change The Timing

You can increase the power of the Silk bind Spinning Bludgeon by charging. Your character also won't flinch while charging. However, you'd have to stand still for quite a long time when charging while this move is active so charge before using this move.

Impact Crater

Impact Crater
[ZL] + [A]

Jump straight up and dish out a devastating rising attack. The number of hits you'll land, the more damage you'll deal depends on how much you charge prior to activation.

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Hunting Horn - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Earthshaker OR Bead Of Resonance

Slide Beat
[ZL] + [A]

Earthshaker flings forth a blade, connects it to your weapon with Ironsilk, and transmits booming sonic attacks. By attaching the string to enemy's weakness such as its head, which can deal heavy damage.

Bead of Resonance can be switched with Earthshaker and enables long-distance use of melody effects. This move creates a buffing cocoon which will allow teammates to receive buffs near the cocoon, enabling the Hunting Horn user to move away from the rest of the battle.


[ZL] + [X]

This move uses a Wirebug to propel you forward into a spinning attack. The final performance grants a status boosts. You'll be invulnerable to knockback effects while moving forward.

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Lance - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Anchor Rage OR Spiral Thrust

Anchor Rage
[ZL] + [A]

Anchor Rage will allow taking an enemy's attack with your shield to boost your attack power. The more attacks you've received by your shield, the more attack boost you'll get.

This move is switchable with Spiral Thrust which allows the hunter to change position and aim for a counterattack. This move starts with a counter using the shield and then lets the hunter fly away quickly with Wirebug.

Twin Vine

twin vine
[ZL] + [X]

Jabs a kunai straight into the target and connects you to the enemy with the ironsilk. By pressing [ZR]+[B] while the kunai is attached to the target, you can quickly jump toward the enemy.

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Gunlance - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Hail Cutter OR Ground Splitter

hail cutter
[ZL] + [X]

Hail Cutter is a move that starts with Rising Slash and then follows with an Overhead Smash. Each usage reduces the cooldown time for Wyvern's Fire.

Ground Splitter is a switchable attack that enables the hunter to leap forward and attack with an upward slash. This provides a temporary boost for shell damage, Wyvern's Fire, and Wyrmstake Shots.

Guard Edge

guard edge
[ZL] + [A]

A well-timed guard regenerates your weapon's sharpness. You can follow up with various attack combos after guarding.

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Switch Axe - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Invincible Gambit OR Sword Rush

Invincible Gambit
[ZL] + [X]

Invincible Gambit moves you forward while performing a spinning attack. You'll be immune to flinching or being knocked back while this move is active.

A switchable attack is called the Sword Rush which starts with an upward slash using Wirebug and follows with a Forward Slash. This move fills up the Activation Gauge and creates an explosion.

Switch Charger

Switch Charger
[ZL] + [A]

Uses a Wirebug to launch you forward while quickly regenerating your Switch Gauge. Your Switch Gauge won't decrease for a short time after activating this move.

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Charge Blade - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Counter Peak Performance OR Axe Hopper

Counter Peak Performance
[ZL] + [A]

Counter Peak Performance stretches silk to the ground and protects you from the enemy's attack. When enemy's attack hit while your shield is ready, your phials fill to maximum.

Axe Hopper is a switchable skill that raises the axe overhead for a slam down on the enemy and launches the hunter into the air. This move gives an opportunity to use Element Discharge as the hunter moves upwards.

Morphing Advance

Morphing Advance
[ZL] + [X]

Uses a Wirebug to launch you forward while your charge blade changes to axe form. You'll be immune to knockback and stun while this move is active.

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Bow - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Focus Shot OR Aerial Aim

Focus Shot
[R] + [X]

Dodges backward and crouches. While crouching, your stamina rapidly regenerates. If timed right, you can nullify a monster's attack. Use the Left Stick to change the direction of dodging.

Aerial Aim may be switched with Focus Shot and launches the hunter into the air as it shoots with more damage than its normal attacks. This attack may also deal a close-range stabbing attack to an enemy below.

Herculean Draw

Herculean Draw
[R] + [A]

Surge forward in a designated direction. This move boosts your attack power for a short period of time as well.

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Insect Glaive - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Recall Kinsect OR Diving Wyvern

[ZL] + [A]

Recall Kinsect dodges enemy's attack while calling back your Kinsect. The returning Kinsect performs spinning attacks that scatter healing extracts. Its stamina will fully recover once it gets back to its master.

Recall Kinsect may be switched with Diving Wyvern which stabs the enemy from above. Although this attack's radius is small, it can deal heavy damage to the attack area.

Silk bind Vault

Silk bind Vault
[ZL] + [X]

It's a leaping attack & can be used in mid-air and follow up with a Jumping Slash, a Jumping Advancing Slash, or a mid-air evade.

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Light Bowgun - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Fanning Vault OR Fanning Maneuver

Fanning Vault
[R] + [A]

Fanning Vault uses a Wirebug to vault you forward. You can fire, reload, or fire a Wyvernblast directly below while mid-air.

This move may be switched with Fanning Maneuver, an attack that temporarily increases attack power. It moves sideways in an arc using wirebug and fires shots while in motion.

Silk bind Glide

Silk bind Glide
[R] + [X]

Surge forward quickly. By pressing [ZR], you can unleash a powerful close-range severing attack.

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Heavy Bowgun - New Silk bind Actions

Switch Skills: Counter Shot OR Counter Charger

Counter Shot
[R] + [X]

Counter Shot stretches out a web of silk and counters the enemy's attack. You can change the direction of your counter-attack so you can hit the opponent charging towards you.

Counter Charger is a move that may be switched with Counter Shot and absorbs an attack to nullify its damage and reduces the amount of time necessary to fire a Charged Shot.

Free Silk bind Glide

Free Silk bind Glide
[R] + [A]

Uses a Wirebug to hurl you forward. By pressing [X]+[A] to follow up with a melee attack or press [Y] to follow up with a quick sheathe. Gives mobility to Heavy Bowgun users.

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