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The Endemic Life List - Map & Locations is a guide for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes endemic life pets, list, unlock conditions, photo, maps, and more in MH Rise!!

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All Endemic Life List

List Of Endemic Life

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Buffer Endemic Life List

Hunting Helper List

Ensnaring Life List

Endemic LifeLocation / Effects
FlashflyFlashflyShrine Ruins / Sandy Plains
Emit a bright light, causing monsters to flinch.
GiganhaGiganhaFlooded Forest
If given raw meat, it will deal damage to hunters and monsters.

Crafty Creatures List

Rare Endemic Life List

Lucky Life List

Endemic LifeLocation / Effects
FelicicrowFelicicrowAll Maps
Appears by chance without a set location. If found, interacting with it will increase quest rewards.
Fortune OwlFortune OwlAll Maps
Appears by chance without a set location. If found, interacting with it will increase quest rewards.

Other Life List

Endemic Life Award

Awards For Photographing Endemic Life

Take Photos With The Camera

mh rise camera
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▲ Make sure that the endemic life is in the frame!

The photos you take of endemic life using the camera will automatically be saved into your Hunter's Notes.

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Endemic Life Pets

Can We Collect Endemic Life As Pets?


In previous games, if you caught Endemic Life it was possible to leave them in your own personal home as decorative elements. So far, there's no news about this feature being available in Monster Hunter Rise. Stay tuned for updates!

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What Are Endemic Life?

Creatures That Live In The Wild

Endemic Life

Endemic Life, as the name suggests, refers to the creatures native to a particular area in the world. They will spawn in the wild and are not aggressive towards the player. They are most likely harmless! Some of these creatures will able to provide valuable benefits to you like usable buffs or offensive battle items.

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Appear From Sending Sprigs

Sending Sprig

Endemic Life is only static in the field. Sometimes creatures will pop out when you attack batches of grass called Sending Sprigs. When you find this type of grass on the map, make sure to get closer to it and see if it has anything inside.

Permabuffer & Ensnaring Life


In Monster Hunter Rise, new varieties of Endemic Life were added to the game, including Ensnaring, Buffer, and Hunting Helper variants. These will provide a wide range of benefits to you, including buffing you up or dealing direct damage to enemies.

Use Hunting Helpers As Items

Hunting Helper

Hunting Helpers, once caught, can be used as items whenever you wish. They provide many effects, including restoring your HP, attracting monsters, and more!

Ensnaring Life Helps You Catch Monsters

Ensnaring Life

Ensnaring Life is often a trap that, once activated, can apply myriad effects on the player or monsters. For example, you can use it to efficiently deal damage to a lot of enemies, stun them, and more!

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