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Read this Charge Blade Guide for Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). Includes how to charge sword, savage axe, tutorial, controls, moveset, guard points and more in MH Rise!!

Table Of Contents

Controls Of Charge Blade

Sword Mode

Axe Mode

Switch Skills

【Original Switch Skill】Counter Peak Performance
【Second Switch Skill】Axe Hopper
See Details
Read More About Switch Skills Here

Shield Thrust

shield thrust
Follow Up Moves
X+A: Amped Element Discharge

Shield Thrust can be used after any attacks in Sword mode. Get familiar with this move since it is the only move which can be followed up by Amped Element Discharge.


ZR + A
Follow Up Moves
Hold X: Condensed Element Slash
A: Element Discharge

An action that fills phials with Sword Energy which is charged by landing attacks in Sword mode. Since many of the high damaging Axe mode moves consumes these phials, it's important to charge them frequently.

Element Boost Spinning Slash

Element Boost Spinning Slash
While performing Amped Element Discharge, ZR
Follow Up Moves
R: Morph Slash

A move which uses phials to Elementally boost your shield. While in Elemental Boost mode, your Element Discharge attacks increase in power.

Condensed Element Slash

Condensed Element Slash
While charging, hold X
After Counter Peak Performance X

Amped Element Discharge

amped element discharge

Amped Element Discharge smashes your axe on the enemy. You can deal additional damage by consuming 1 of your phials. Use it wisely since you'll be invulnerable to enemy's attack while performing this move.

Super Element Discharge

super element discharge

The special move of Charge Blade which can only be used during Elemental Boost status. This move causes an explosion and deals more damage than Amped Element Discharge and will consume all of your phials.

New Silkbind Attacks Of Charge Blade

Morphing Advance

Gauge Consumption1 gauge
Gauge Recovery Time6 seconds

Uses Wirebug to launch you forward while your Charge Blade changes to Axe form. You'll be immune to knockback and stun while this move is active.

Counter Peak Performance

Gauge Consumption2 gauges
Gauge Recovery Time10 seconds per gauge
Follow Up Moves
X : Weak Slash
A : Element Discharge
X+A : Super Element Discharge

Stretches silk on the ground to protect you from an enemy's attack. When an enemy's attack hits this shield, your phials will fill up to maximum.

Axe Hopper (Switch Skill)

Axe Hopper
Original Switch Skill
Counter Peak Performance
Unsheath + ZL+A

Axe Hopper can be swapped out with Counter Peak Performance. Slam the axe down and jump in the air, at which point you can use Element Discharge. Unfortunately, Counter Peak Performance is such an incredible skill that it's likely you won't want to give it up. We'll have to see whether or not this move will get play.

Recommended Combos Of Charge Blade

Combo For The Beginning Of Combat

charge blade

Use this combo at the beginning of combat, especially with large monsters, to fully charge your phials and enter Element Boost status. Use Counter Peak Performance after the monster's first attack to fully charge the phials again.

Quick Phial Filling Combo

A combo to quickly & fully charge your phial. Use it when you see an opening to attack. You can reduce your recoil time by using step at the end of the combo. If you're having a hard time landing Charged Double Slash, use Spinning Slash instead.

Quick Element Boost Combo

A combo to quickly elementally boost your shield. Since it's a long combo, be ready to stop the combo midway as soon as you notice that the enemy is about to hit you.

Charge & Amped Element Discharge Combo

A combo that allows for a smooth transition of attacks from Charge into Amped Element Discharge. Aside from avoiding time lags, it also makes it easier to stun your enemy.

Strengths & Weaknesses Of Charge Axe

Strengths Of Charge Axe

・Strong counterattacks right after guarding
・Phials offer a level of versatility
・Powerful Counter Peak Performance move

The Charge Blade is able create powerful counterattacks with every successful guard. In addition, you can stun and afflict status effects using phials. Being able to utilize phials, as well as having a good balance of offense & defense makes this a notable weapon to use.

Demo Evaluation

In comparison with other weapons, the Charge Axe although powerful, is quite difficult to handle without practice. However, if you get the hang of it, you're sure to be able to attack with strong moves and utilize its powerful Counter Peak Performance.

See Best Weapon Types Tier List

Weaknesses Of Charge Axe

・Most difficult to operate
・Leaves too many openings for attack
・Harder to land Super Element Discharge

The Charge Blade is one of the most difficult weapons to operate in the game. Even if you're able to get used to it, its low mobility leaves too many openings for attack. The range of explosion caused by Super Element Discharge also got narrower, making it difficult to land the attack on the enemy.

Changes From Past Monster Hunter

No Power Axe Mode

The Power Axe mode which used to exist in Monster Hunter World can't be used in Monster Hunter Rise. This lowers the Charge Blades' DPS, but you can still deal heavy damage with moves like Element Discharge II.

Rising Slash Won't Affect Other Players

Rising Slash will no longer launch other players into the air. You can now use this move freely without bothering other hunters.

Harder To Land Super Element Discharge

The range of explosion caused by Super Element Discharge got narrower. You'll need to aim it carefully to fully land the explosive attack on the enemy.

Tips On How To Use Charge Blade

Must KnowSword energy mechanics
Must KnowTypes of Phials and how to use them
Attack with the sword to fill up your Phials
Use Phials to Elementally Boost yourself
Try to keep up your Sword buff as long as possible
Use Counter Peak Performance
Deal huge damage in Axe mode
Land your Super Element Discharge
Make good use of Guard Point

Sword Energy Mechanic Info

You can fill up your Sword Energy by using attacks in Sword mode. By performing an action called Charging (※), you can fill up phials to use for powerful attacks. If you charge up too much Sword Energy you'll overheat, so make sure you don't overdo it.

※ Note that the action of "Charging" refers to filling up the phials. Do not confuse it with the act of accumulating actual Sword Energy!!

Phials & Their Uses


※ The information here is based on Monster Hunter World

Phials can be expended to provide you with a powerful Elemental Boost buff, as well as to perform Elemental Discharge attacks. Always try to have the maximum amount of phials at your disposal.

Types Of Phials

Impact Phial・Can stun monsters
・Deal explosive damage which ignores enemy defenses
・Explosion damage depends on your attack power and Artillery level
・Super Element Discharge's explosion comes out in a straight line
Element Phial・Deal explosive damage based on the enemy's elemental resistance
・Explosion damage depends on your elemental stat
・Super Element Discharge's explosion comes out in a V shape

In the demo we were only able to use Impact Phials, but Charge Blades also have the option of using Element Phials. Impact phials don't deal as much damage, but they are quite versatile. In contrast, Element Phials are extremely powerful against enemy weaknesses. Choose what phial you'll use according to the encounter you're up against.

Charge Phials With Sword Attacks

Charge Axe
Click to Enlarge

You can charge Sword Energy to fill your phials by attacking in Sword mode. These will be used when using abilities such as boosting yourself and Elemental Discharge attacks. When you run out of phials, charge them up back by attacking in Sword Mode. This is the basic gameplay loop of the Charge Axe, so get used to it!

Recommended Attacks To Charge Sword Energy

Charged Double Slash
(Hold A)
Hitting twice will turn your bottles Red
Spinning Slash
(Step ▶ X)
Not as good as the above, but still fills up fairly fast

The amount of Sword Energy you gain will vary on the ability you use, but in general Charged Double Slash is your best bet. Generally you'll want to try to get 2 Charged Double Slashes off, and fill in with Spinning Slash as necessary to reach red.

Use Phials For Elemental Boost

Charge Axe
Click to Enlarge

By using Elemental Boost Spinning Slash, you'll consume all of your phials and become elementally boosted. While in this state, you can perform the highly damaging Super Element Discharge move as well. The more phials you consume, the longer your elemental boost will be.

Merits Of Elemental Boost

1Axe and Phial ability damage increases
2You can use Super Element Discharge
3Condensed Element Slash will become more powerful
4Deals phial damage with Guard Point
▲Read about Element Boost Spinning Slash

Maintain Sword Boost Mode

Charge Axe
Click to Enlarge

By performing a Condensed Element Slash during an Elemental Boost, you can enter Sword Boost Mode. In this mode, your attacks won't be deflected and will also gain additional phial damage. You'll want to maintain this buff as long as possible.

▲Read about Condensed Element Slash here

Use Counter Peak Performance Effectively

charge blade

You can fill the phials much faster by using Counter Peak Performance. This move works against an enemy's roar, so use it frequently. Note that it's somewhat weak to enemy consecutive attacks.

Deal Huge Damage In Axe Mode

Charge Blade Axe Mode

Axe Mode is the Charge Blade's burst window. Once you've entered Elemental Boost state, find an opening and go into Axe Mode. All Elemental Discharge attacks deal a high amount of damage, but they all use up Phials, so you'll want to make sure you optimize their use.

Land Super Element Discharge


Super Elemental Discharge is an incredibly powerful attack that expends all of your Phials when used. By using Counter Peak Performance afterward, you can replenish your used up Phials to counterbalance this downside. Even if you take a hit after using it, you can use the Wirebug to recover safely. Try to fire this in a straight line toward the enemy's head or tail.

▲Check out the command input for Super Elemental Discharge here.

Switch To Amped Elemental Discharge

By pressing down on the L stick and X while casting Super Element Discharge, you can actually change it over to Amped Elemental Discharge. Doing so will reduce the amount of Phials you use up, so if you feel like you might not thit with the ability, make sure to do this. Amped Discharge is a bit easier to hit with, and can also trigger a stun if you use an Impact Phial.

Utilize Guard Point


The Charge Blade possesses a unique feature called Guard Point. When the shield is facing forward during certain attacks, it will block them and allow you to counterattack much faster! You can also link this to an Amped Element Discharge, which is quite handy.

Actions That Trigger Guard Point

Axe: Morph SlashBeginning
Sword: Morph SlashEnd
Spinning SlashEnd
Fade SlashEnd

Every time you use Axe: Morph Slash you'll trigger guard point, making it relatively intuitive to use. All other instances of the guard point occur at the end of attacks, but the window of time for it is quite long, so you don't have to have perfect timing to get it off!

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