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Zinogre - Weakness & Quest Guide

Zinogre is returning Fanged Wyvern monster in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch). This guide includes Zinogre's weakness, quest, element, moves, drops, fight tips & attacks in MH Rise!!

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Zinogre - Overview

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Map Location - Where Does It Spawn?

Fast With Dangerous Thunderblight

Zinogre attacks with tremendous speed, using its body to delivery deadly melee attacks. Keeping distance is also a problem as it can conjure lightning to strike foes from afar.

Zinogre - Weakness & Breakable Parts

Effective Attack Type Per Weak Spot

* Based on actual battles in the game!!

Weakness Details

Breakable Parts & Essences

Status Ailments & Blight

Item Effectiveness

Zinogre - Obtainable Items & Materials

Items From High Rank Zinogre

Zinogre - How To Fight Tips & Tricks

1Cure Thunderblight with Nulberry
2Attack when Zinogre is charging
3Attacks are stronger when supercharged
└Zinogre becomes easier to hit when charged
4Loses charged status after flinching
5Loot Zinogre's back during down state
6Shock Traps last for only 2-3 seconds

Cure Thunderblight with Nulberry

Zinogre's attacks can inflict Thunderblight. Getting stunned is easier while having this status ailment so try to deal with it as soon as you can. You can also make use of Steadfast Jewel to have Stun Resistance.

Blight Resistance Guide

Attack When Zinogre Is Charging

Zinogre Charging

From time to time, Zinogre will stop to charge until it reaches its supercharge state. During these charge times, you can get in to attack as Zinogre is very vulnerable during these few seconds. To know when Zinogre will charge, you can see it when it tries to dodge and keep distance.

Attacks Are Stronger When Supercharged

Zinogre Supercharge

After gaining enough charges, Zinogre becomes supercharged, having faster and stronger attacks. It also gains access to more attacks. However, Zinogre has a lower defense when supercharged, making it vulnerable to even low sharpness weapons.

Loses Charged Status After Flinching

Loses Charge status after flinching

To cancel Zinogre's supercharged state, hit it until it flinches. You can try hitting the more vulnerable and softer parts like the head, back, and legs for this.

Loot Zinogre's Back During Down State

Loot Zinogre

You can loot Zinogre's back while it is down. Doing this not only gives you some materials but it also reduces the frequency of its charges and shortens its supercharge state. Attack it during charges to down it, then position yourself near its back to loot.

Shock Traps Last For Only 2-3 Seconds

Shock traps last for only 2-3 seconds

Shock Traps are ineffective against Zinogre. This is true for both its normal and supercharged state. If you want to capture it, use a Pitfall Trap instead.

Zinogre - Attack & Hunting Guide

1Hit the hind legs to down Zinogre
2Use counter moves when using low mobility weapons
3Do not overcommit your attacks during charges
4Evade its 2-3 swipe combos
5Beware of the charge and dive combo
6May release a damaging shockwave after its ultimate move

Hit The Hind Legs To Down


As Zinogre's hind legs are softer and more vulnerable, you can hit them repeatedly to force Zinogre to flinch and go down. When dodging some of its attacks, it is best to always aim to position yourself near the hind legs for immediate counterattacks.

Use Counter Moves With Slow Weapons


Attacking Zinogre's hind legs with slow weapons can be very challenging. But you can still take advantage of Zinogre's aggression by using counterattacks instead. Aim to defend first then smack Zinogre's head once it finishes its attacks. You can also take advantage of counter moves that come with your weapon.

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Do Not Overcommit Your Attacks

Zinogre sometimes attacks using its forelegs then afterwards does an electric charge. This can be a trick as Zinogre can quickly do a tail swipe with this move. Also, there is a high chance that you can get shocked by Zinogre's charge. Do not overcommit and linger for long when attacking, just get a couple ones in then move back.

Evade Its 2-3 Swipe Combo

Zinogre pounces forward, swiping its left and right forelegs for a 2-3 hit combo. As this is an incredibly quick attack with high precision, dodging to the sides may not be enough. Counter this move by rolling to the opposite direction of the strike or to Zinogre's body.

Do Not Use Wirefall

As Zinogre's fast 2-3 hit combo can easily follow the player's move, there is a high chance that you will get caught even when dodging using Wirefall. Once you get hit, refrain from using Wirefall and wait out Zinogre's attack to pass.

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Charge & Dive Combo

When supercharged, Zinogre pounces forward, turns, then dives, discharging electricity around it at the end of the combo. Try to stay far from it during this combo and wait it out. Get in and strike only after Zinogre is done with its dive attack!

Shockwave After Ultimate Move


After releasing and attacking using its forelegs, there is a slight chance that Zinogre will release a shockwave. As this is its ultimate move, it can be very damaging but the range is limited so dodging to the sides can be enough. After using this skill, Zinogre becomes open to attacks.

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