MH Rise | Insect Glaive Build 3.0 - Best Armor & Skills | MONSTER HUNTER RISE (MHR)

SkillEffect / ReasonPower Prolonger
(Priority: ★★★)【Effect】
Extends the duration of buffs
Increases the duration of extracts, very useful overall.Attack Boost
(Priority: ★★★)【Effect】
Increases your attack damage
As you gain levels, also affects your crit chance
A simple way to boost your damage. Try to get at least Lvl 4 in this!Weakness Exploit
(Priority: ★★☆)【Effect】
Increases your affinity (crit) against a monster's weak points
A simple DPS increase by ways of increasing crit.Razor Sharp
(Priority: ★★☆)【Effect】
Reduces sharpness loss
It's easy to lose sharpness on this weapon, so this is quite a handy skill that you'll want to have. Handicraft might work as well as a substitute here.

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