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The All Apex Monsters List for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR Switch) is a guide on how to beat Apexes, characteristics and traits, weaknesses, predicted factors & more in MH Rise!!

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All Apex Monsters List

Confirmed Apex Monsters

This list will be updated as more Apex monsters are officially announced and confirmed.

Apex Zinogre Added In 3.0

Apex Zinogre

Apex Zinogre monsters was added in May 27th's Version 3.0 update. This monster should not only be available to fight through Rampage Quests, but through regular quests as well!

3.0 Update Guide

More To Come Via Updates


The developers have announced that new monsters are expected to be added to the game in the following months. With that said, it is highly probable that more Apex monsters will be added in the future via these updates.

All Monster List

What Is An Apex?

Stronger Versions Of Monsters

Apex Rathalos Announced!

Apex monsters are stronger versions of monsters that you can hunt using the standard quests. They hit harder, have more HP, and are highly aggressive due to their near constant rage mode. Apex monsters first appeared in Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo DS.

Late Game Challenge

Once you have completed the game, you can take on Apex Monsters to test out your skill and your equipment. They can be very challenging so bringing a couple of friends to help is highly recommended!

May Offer Good Loot

As Apex monsters are more powerful versions of the vanilla ones, they are likely to drop better loot. These materials can then be used to improve your base equipment, making you stronger and more adequately equipped to deal against stronger threats.

Predicted Apex Factors

Coming Soon.

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All Apex Monsters List

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