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The Sandy Plains Map in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide on the map, locations, monsters, environment, features, and more in MH Rise!!

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Sandy Plains Map & Features

Sandy Plains Makes A Comeback!

sandy plains

The Sandy Plains was first introduced through Monster Hunter 3 and was featured again in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Hot Days & Cold Nights

sandy plains

In past games in the series, desert areas like the Sandy Plains are characterized by their hot days and cold nights. Because of this, hot drinks will run out, but what will happen to cool drinks is yet to be confirmed.

Archaeological Sites

sandy plains

There will also be what seems to be archaeological sites which may be bases for Palicos.

Connecting 9 To Area 10

sandy plains
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The previous games had the Sandy Plains function as the connecting route between Area 9 & Area 10. This appears to be the case in MHR as well given the above scene from the official trailer where we can see hunters traveling with their Palamutes. It seems to be the road leading to several other maps as well.

Monsters Inhabiting The Sandy Plains

※ The following are confirmed monsters!!

The Sandy Plains will be home to the new monster Almudron, as well as the returning monsters Diablos and Rathian.

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Unconfirmed Possible Monsters


sandy plains monster

Volvoros is a monster that is known to appear in sandy areas. Much like Almudron, this monster would often attack using mud.

See More On Almudron Here

Daimyo Hermitaur

sandy plains monster

Daimyo Hermitaur is a Carapaceon monster that mainly inhabits desert maps. There are no other Carapaceon monsters in MHR so far, but this might be the first one to appear if they will be also part of this game.


sandy plains monster

Monoblos is a monster that only appeared on Village Quests limited to solo play in past games. Since MHR also features the same solo Village Quests, we can expect Monoblos to appear as well.

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