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The Shrine Ruins Map in Monster Hunter Rise (Switch) is a guide on the map, locations, endemic life, gatherable materials, monsters, environment, and more in MH Rise!!

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Shrine Ruins Shortcuts

Campsite → Area 2

Behind the campsite is a bamboo grove that leads to a watery area where you can find a cave that leads to Area 2. This cave connects to the top of the cliffs in Area 2.

Area 8 → Area 3

The cliff near the mushroomy of Area 8 leads to a cave that connects to Area 3. It's not a one-way street; you can freely enter from Area 3 to get to Area 8 as well. Take note that there are Golden Spiribugs inside the cave.

How To Climb Area 5 Summit At Shrine Ruins

1. Move Upward With Wirebug

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Start by moving upward using Wirebug on the cliff at the bottom right of the Area 5 map. You'll need to do another Wirebug move while midair, totaling to 2 in a row.

2. Climb Vines On Roof

climb vines
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After using Wirebug twice in a row, you'll find yourself landing on a roof. Look to your left to find vines which you can use to climb up.

3. Climb Along The Cliff

climb along cliff
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You'll reach the square grounds after you climb the vines. The square is surrounded by cliffs, so climb these cliffs using 2-3 Wirebugs.

Option 2 Without Wirebug: Staircase

staicase behind
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If you find it difficult to climb the cliff with Wirebug, you can opt to use the staircase behind the cliff. You can take it easy by making one step at a time, enabling you to recover your Wirebug gauge and stamina.

4.Climb To Top Of The Mountain

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After successfully climbing the cliff, you'll find something that looks like a shrine which you can use to climb up toward the top of the mountain. This is officially the summit! Note that there isn't anything particularly special to be found here though.

Shrine Ruins Campsite Location

Campsite Is Located In Area 10

You'll be able to find a campsite location in area 10 of the Shrine Ruins. It's on a somewhat elevated area, so make sure to use either the Wirebug or a vine in order to get up there.

Endemic Life At Shrine Ruins

Permanent Endemic Life

Permanent Endemic Life
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Other Endemic Life

Other Endemic Life
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Shrine Ruins Gatherable Materials

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Gatherable Items At Shrine Ruins

Check Out A List Of All Materials Here

Shrine Ruins Monsters

※ The following are confirmed monsters!!

There seems to be a wide variety of monsters to be found inhabiting the Shrine Ruins. This is likely thanks its stable climate. You'll be able to spot Magnamalo & Rathian here as well.

See All Confirmed Monsters List

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