MH Rise | 3.1 Update - June Release Date | MONSTER HUNTER RISE (MHR)


3.1 Update - Release Date & New Monsters of Monster Hunter Rise for Switch (MH Rise / MHR). Includes patch 3.1, update time, patch notes, update size, & news about Version 3.1!!

During the May 26th Digital Event, it was revealed that Monster Hunter Rise's patch 3.1 will be released in June 24, 2021. Details are likely to come at some form of Digital Event in the latter half of June!

3.1 update will offer new content for all Monster Hunter Rise players. You'll just need to download the update once it is released.

Unlike how Crimson Glow Valstrax and Apex Zinogre were added to the game in the 3.0 Update, 3.1 does not seem to be set to feature any new monster additions. The main content of the update will consist of DLC and Event Quests, making it a relatively light patch.

Fixed a bug allowing the player to control cannons even after moving away from them during Rampage Quests.Fixed a bug occasionally causing unnecessary UI to be displayed on the Quest Completed screen after finishing a Rampage Quest.Fixed a bug allowing the player to go to places they shouldn't be able to reach if the final gate is destroyed at the exact moment a Rampage Quest is completed.Fixed a bug causing Power Kilns to be activated only after releasing the A button during Rampage Quests.Fixed a bug causing Badum and Tish to keep banging the drum if the Host changes the BGM to anything other than "Brave Hunters."Fixed a bug preventing the player from carving a severed tail if the tail overlaps with the fence switch in the Arena.Fixed a bug causing Palicoes' eyes to be wide open regardless of their eye type, when they are sent off to trade.Fixed a bug causing a "!" mark to be displayed on certain armor even if it was previously removed, when the player quits the game and restarts it.Fixed a bug causing Pigment 2 to display as white when set to black for some armor.Fixed a bug preventing the right colors from being displayed on the save file select screen, if the player used a Character Edit Voucher to change their clothing color.Fixed a bug causing the cursor and the status ailment graphs to be mismatched if the player performs certain actions on the Large Monster list in the Hunter's Notes.Changed functionality so that, if the player uses a Character Edit Voucher to recreate their hunter and use one of the DLC voices, the existing voices that were selectable for the original hunter will be preserved.Fixed a bug occasionally causing quest information to be incorrectly displayed if the player moves to the Training Area after accepting a quest offline.Fixed a bug occasionally causing account items to be stored in your pouch or item box when accepting Helper Rewards.
Fixed a bug allowing the player to attack Tigrex without it fighting back in some areas of the Sandy Plains.Fixed a bug causing erratic behavior for Apex Rathian if it performs certain actions.Fixed a bug causing Almudron's mud heaps to appear at the feet of players who are very far away.Fixed a bug causing some of Zinogre/Apex Zinogre's attacks not to have the thunder element on them.Fixed a bug preventing some small monsters from trying to escape if the player attacks them while riding a Canyne.Fixed a bug occasionally preventing the player from capturing a monster if it is inflicted with Paralysis/Sleep/Stun right after it springs a Pitfall Trap.Fixed a bug preventing some of Rajang's attacks from being nullified by the lance's Insta-Block.Fixed a bug occasionally causing the number of hits to be decreased when attacking Rakna-Kadaki's head with a Spirit Helm Breaker or Slicing Ammo.Fixed a bug causing the connection to be lost when taking on a Rakna-Kadaki quest in Multiplayer.Fixed a bug occasionally preventing Splitting Wyvernshot damage from being displayed correctly.Fixed a bug occasionally making it difficult to hit Narwa's head with the long sword's Spirit Helm Breaker.Fixed a bug occasionally causing Narwa to slide in an unnatural manner.Fixed a bug preventing the player from completing the quest if they down Narwa with specific timing.Fixed a bug occasionally causing platforms to appear that cannot be climbed with your weapon unsheathed during the Thunder Goddess and The Allmother quests.Fixed a bug causing the player to always get hit when making Narwa flinch with specific timing using an installation during the Thunder Goddess quest.
Fixed a bug occasionally causing the camera to move right over the player's head and/or preventing additional hits from landing when successfully hitting a monster with the long sword's Iai Spirit Slash counter.Fixed a bug occasionally causing some of Narwa's attacks to hit twice.Fixed a bug causing a lag in the controls when performing a dodge and then using an item via the Radial Menu with your weapon unsheathed. This affects the sword & shield, the long sword, and the dual blades (when Demon Mode is not active).Adjusted monster behavior that made it harder to hit them because of their movement and special actions after the player performs the long sword's Spirit Helm Breaker, Iai Spirit Slash, or Silkbind Sakura Slash.Fixed a bug causing the hunting horn's Sonic Wave to deal extra shockwave damage for each player inside the area of effect.Fixed a bug causing the player to become rigid if they dodge backwards to the left or right and then move in the opposite direction, right after attacking with the hunting horn.Fixed a bug preventing Canyne's certain follow-up attacks from activating if the player enters the commands for the hunting horn's Backwards Strike to Double Swing combo too quickly. Affected attacks include Canyne assists, Overhead Smash, and Crush.Fixed a bug preventing the thrust part of the initial attack of the hunting horn's Infernal Melody from having collision detection if it is performed with a delay.Fixed a bug causing the player to move in the wrong direction when performing the lance's Spiral Thrust using Directional Control Settings Type 2.Fixed a bug preventing the player from using a backwards Guard Dash after comboing the lance's Spiral Thrust into the Leaping Thrust.Fixed a bug preventing the player from guarding if they stand on top of an item and try to guard with the lance sheathed, when using Player Actions Settings Type 2.Fixed a bug causing the action for Directional Control Settings Type 2 to be activated, even when Type 1 has been selected, when performing Axe: Morph Slash after attacking with the switch axe.Adjusted monster behavior that made it harder to hit them because of their movement and special actions when the player performs additional attacks by rapidly tapping the button for the switch axe's Zero Sum Discharge Finisher.Fixed a bug causing the charge blade's Amped Element Discharge to stray left or right too often.Fixed a bug preventing the power increase effect from being applied when guarding with the charge blade's Counter Morph Slash after an Axe: Element Discharge II or Condensed Spinning Slash.Fixed a bug preventing a monster's stun level from increasing even when blocking an attack with Guard Points during the charge blade's (Impact Phial) Elemental Boost.Fixed a bug causing minor rigidness of the player character if they stand still after a Forward Dodge in the charge blade's sword mode, and then start moving again.Fixed a bug preventing the player from moving in the direction the stick is pushed in, if they perform the charge blade's Morphing Advance right as they start moving.Fixed a bug causing critical range correction to be applied to the heavy bowgun's Wyvern Ammo.Fixed a bug causing the intervals between the heavy bowgun's "walking recoil (small)," "walking recoil (medium)," "walking single fire auto reload," and Wyvern Ammo to become too long.Fixed a bug allowing the player to use Herculean Draw with only one unit of Wirebug Gauge under certain circumstances.Fixed a bug causing unnatural display of the Izuchi Tail hairstyle when combined with certain pieces of equipment.Fixed a bug preventing machine cannons and elevated platforms from being displayed if players join in or drop out with specific timing during the The Allmother quest, resulting in the quest not being completable.Fixed a bug preventing the UI from being displayed if the player changes areas with specific timing during the The Allmother quest.Fixed a bug occasionally causing the player to change to the appearance of another hunter after completing a quest in multiplayer.Fixed a bug preventing players from carving if a quest is completed while the slain monster overlaps with a monster in a mountable state.Fixed a bug preventing Palicoes with the F Kulu Lute equipped from showing up for other players during Multiplayer.Fixed a bug causing the edges of the Rathian Helm's visor to look unnatural when using Body Type 1.Fixed a bug causing the graphics for the Twin Ponytails' bangs to become distorted when equipping the Aknosom Helm.Some items have multiple crafting patterns. If the player sets one pattern to their Radial Menu and then reboots the game, the Radial Menu setting sometimes gets overwritten with another pattern. This has been fixed.Fixed a bug causing the change of perspective to malfunction if another player fires a Dragon Piercer while one player is controlling a ballista or a cannon, or is in aim mode with a ranged weapon.Fixed a bug causing the player to be pushed out of the area if they change areas with specific timing during the The Allmother quest.Fixed a bug causing the Rathalos Mail's shoulder parts to appear distorted when using Body Type 1.Fixed a bug preventing the player from quickly picking up multiple dropped materials while riding a Palamute.Fixed a bug occasionally causing the position where the player can carve Narwa to differ from the positions for other players.Adjusted functionality so that hunters won't move while placing a trap, even if they're pushed by a monster.

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