MHW: ICEBORNE | How To Use Gunlance Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide & walkthrough on how to use the weapon - Gunlance! Learn recommended combos, skills, play tips, and more!!

How To Use Gunlance Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips
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How To Use Gunlance

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Gunlance - Overview & Strengths

Explosive Firepower With Good Range & Excellent Guarding

Explosive Firepower With Good Range & Excellent Guarding

The Gunlance is a unique weapon that is quite different from its brother, the Lance. Instead of dash attacks, it shoots explosive shells that can deal massive damage to any part of the monster.

Unique Explosive Feature Called Shelling

Unique Explosive Feature Called Shelling

The Gunlance has an extraordinary feature that allows it to shoot shells towards a monster, causing it to explode & inflict heavy damage.

Can Guard Against Monster Attacks

Can Guard Against Monster Attacks

Like the Lance, the Gunlance is capable of protecting the Hunter from incoming monster attacks. It has high guarding power that is one of the most notable in Monster Hunter World.

Ignores Monster Tough Spots With Shelling

The unique feature of the Gunlance is its capability to shoot explosive shells onto monsters. These ignore monster tough spots, allowing it to damage monster parts that are normally impervious to damage.

3 Types Of Gunlance Shelling

Type Feature Shell
Normal Higher Burst Fire damage 5
Long Higher Charged Shelling damage 3
Wide Higher Wyvern's Fire & Wyrmstake Cannon damage 2

Choosing the type of Gunlance Shell can change how you play the weapon. Each Shell has a different capacity and affinity to certain attacks.

Cannot Launch Shell When Sharpness Is Red

When your Gunlance's weapon sharpness is in the red, be sure to sharpen immediately. This means you won't be able to shoot any shells, lowering your DPS greatly in the fight.

Has Special Moves When Launching Shells

Burst Fire Unleashes All Shells In Explosive Fire

Burst Fire Unleashes All Shells In Explosive Fire

The Gunlance's Burst Fire (Full Burst) attack unloads all of its shells in one explosive shot. This ignores the monster's tough spots, making it easy to break horns or damage monster parts.

Charged Shelling Does Bigger Damage With One Shell

Charged Shelling Does Bigger Damage With One Shell

For Gunlances that don't have a lot of shells in their arsenal, Charged Shelling provides higher damage with a single shot. After a thrust, press & hold the Shelling button to charge then release to shoot.

Wyrmstake Cannons Stick To Monsters Then Explodes

Shoots Wyrmstake Cannons That Stick To Monsters

The Wyrmstake Cannon is a projectile that Another unique feature the Gunlance has is that it can shoot a projectile onto a monster that will explode after a few seconds. This is called a Wyrmstake Cannon and is great in breaking or severing monster parts.

Wyvern's Fire Has Heavy Damage But Overheats Gunlance


Wyvern's Fire also shoots out all of the Gunlance's shells but takes longer to reload and essentially overheats your weapon. However, it has exponentially higher damage potential than Burst Fire and is great when monsters are toppled, trapped, or stationary.

Dodging Is Slow & Shelling Loses Sharpness Fast

The Gunlance is not known for mobility. Due to it guarding capability, dodging with this weapon can be slow and draggy. It also loses sharpness fast, with each shell shot, thus reloading and firing intervals are needed to maintain the weapon's attack integrity.

Gunlance - Recommended Combo List

Basic Gunlance Attack Combo

This is a basic attack combo with the Wyrmstake Cannon move at the end. It also closes in on the monster, doing both vertical and horizontal attacks to keep hitting the target.

Burst Fire + Wyrmstake Cannon Attack Combo

With this move, you can smoothly transition from Burst Fire to Wyrmstake Cannon, allowing you to deal heavy explosive damage on the target monster.

Continuous Shelling Attack Combo

This combo is a basic loop of you shooting Shells and then reloading in between shots. This is great when the monster is not moving or if your target is fixed.

Gunlance - Recommended Skill List

Loadout For Higher Attack & Shelling Power + Reinforce Guarding

When you're keen on using the Gunlance, it's important to increase your weapon's attack power while countering its tendency to lose sharpness quickly over the course of the hunt.

Recommended Skills For More Explosive Firepower

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Attack Boost Increases raw attack power plus affinity rate after a certain level
RECOMMENDED! Weakness Exploit Increases affinity rate of attacks that land on monster weak spots
RECOMMENDED! Handicraft Increases weapon's sharpness gauge
Artillery Strengthen's explosive attacks of gunlance shells
Capacity Boost Increases a weapon's loading capacity
Critical Boost Increases the damage of critical hits
Critical Eye Increases your affinity rate
Maximum Might Raises affinity when stamina bar is full

The recommended skill loadout above emphasizes boosting the Gunlance's attack power, especially with its shelling. It also gives you increased Crit and sharpness.

Skills To Reinforce Guarding & Improve Gameplay

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Guard While guarding, knockback and stamina consumption is decreased
RECOMMENDED! Guard Up Can block normally unguardable monster attacks
RECOMMENDED! Protective Polish Weapon does not dull for a time after sharpening
Speed Sharpening Lessens time needed to sharpen weapon
Evade Window Increases time of invulnerabilty when you dodge
Mind's Eye/Ballistics Prevents your attacks from being deflected
Flinch Free Prevents knockbacks and trippings, depending on skill level

The Gunlance excels in guarding against monster attacks and these skills will further reinforce its guarding capabilities. It also provides a solution to the weapon's quick loss of sharpness due to shelling and reloading.

Gunlance - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Use & Abuse Gunlance's Guard Ability

Use & Abuse Gunlance

Since the Gunlance has the 2nd highest guarding ability in Monster Hunter World, it's always best to use and abuse it. This ability will protect you from monster attacks, allowing you to get close and deal shotgun damage to the monster.

Target Breakable Parts With Wyrmstake Cannon

The Wyrmstake Cannon deals high explosive damage to the monster part that it hits. If you're looking to break a monster horn or tail, sic the Wyrmstake Cannon onto that part and watch it break in the explosion.

Sharpen Often To Maintain Weapon Attack Power

Using your shells will cause your weapon to lose sharpness fast. Sharpen every so often to maintain the Gunlance's weapon power so you can inflict as heavy damage as you can.

Dragon Gunlances Can Send Teammates Flying

Most of the Gunlances shelling or explosive firepower don't send teammates reeling back or flying. But take note of dragon-based Gunlances as these have the ability to knock your fellow Hunters off their feet when caught in your shell's explosions.

Gunlance - Damage Per Move

Motion values are still being confirmed in-game and damage per move written below is based on the Training Area.

Weapon Move Damage
Wyvern's Fire 168
Wyrmstake Cannon 130
Wide Sweep 57
Overhead Smash 42
Jumping Smash 38
Jumping Reload Smash 37
Charged Shelling 28
Lunging Upthrust 26
Rising Slash 26
Lateral Thrust III: 21
II: 21
I: 20
Jumping Thrust 21
Burst Fire 20 x No. of Shells
Aerial Burst 20 x No. of Shells
Shelling 18
Guard Thrust III: 16
II: 15
I: 15

Gunlance - Basic Move List

Basic Move List

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