MHW: ICEBORNE | Monster Difficulty Ranking - Hardest Monsters In the Game

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide to learn more about the most difficult monsters in the game! Find out which are the hardest monsters, how to beat, and more!!

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Most Difficult Monsters

Most Difficult Monsters Details & Traits

1st Place: Lunastra

Check Out How to Beat Lunastra Here!

Has A Variety of Ways to Damage You

The Lunastra has several ways to damage you. It has both long and short range attacks, can set the area ablaze, and has multiple follow up attacks giving you no room to catch your breath! Only face the Lunastra when you are high leveled and fully equipped.

Supernova Has 2 Pulses

The Lunastra has a Supernova that pulses twice. The first pulse will turn your HP red, and the second will set the ground ablaze. Make sure to avoid it by moving far away, or using a Farcaster to teleport back to camp.

2nd Place: Teostra

Check Out How to Beat Teostra Here!

Can Perform Unguardable Attacks

Other than having a wide range of attacks, the Teostra is able to perform unguardable attacks. This makes it difficult to get close to it and get a few good hits in before backing away.

Supernova Attack Has a Large Range

Like the Lunastra, the Teostra also has a supernova attack. It is difficult to avoid due to its wide range. When it is being telegraphed by the monster, remember to stop doing your melee combo and run for cover!

3rd Place: Kirin


Uses Lightning To Attack

The Kirin in Monster Hunter World uses lightning to attack hunters. Its lightning attack has a wide range and telegraphs it by making the ground start to glow. When this happens, avoid it since it can take away a huge chunk of your health.

Few Weak Points

The Kirin's weak point is its head. However, going for a frontal assault can be risky since you will get in range of the Kirin's attacks. It is also difficult to damage its body since the Kirin's body is hardened.

4th Place: Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora
Check Out How to Beat Kushala Daora Here!

Stays In The Air

The Kushala Daora is a difficult monster to fight due to its quick speed and tendency to stay in the air. Damaging it will be difficult if you do not have some handy flash pods in your inventory.

Possesses a Wind Pressure Aura

The Kushala Daora also has a wind pressure aura that can make it difficult for melee weapon hunters to get close to it. Use a Rocksteady Mantle or skills that negate the wind pressure aura of the monster to get within striking distance.

5th Place: Nergigante

Check Out How to Beat Nergigante Here!

Can One Shot Kill You

The Nergigante has an attack where it will launch straight up into the air, then rush at you after a brief pause. This attack can instantly make you faint so make sure to get out of the way once this attack is telegraphed.

Pay Attention To Nergigante's Thorns

The thorns or quills on Nergigante's body will sometimes turn black. When this happens, some of Nergigante's attacks can send the quills flying directly at you. Make sure to keep an eye on those quills or else they will hit you!

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