MHW: ICEBORNE | Large Elder Dragon Bone Fast Farming Guide

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to farm Large Elder Dragon Bones efficiently fast for Master Rank weapon crafting. Includes best monsters to hunt & more!!

Table of Contents

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How To Farm Large Elder Dragon Bone Fast

Drops From 3 Master Rank Elder Dragons

Drops From 3 Master Rank Elder Dragons

The Large Elder Dragon Bone has been confirmed to drop from 3 Elder Dragons - Namielle, Velkhana, and Shara Ishvalda. If you want to farm this item, it's best to keep hunting these 3 monters.

Large Elder Dragon Bone Monster Drop List

Uses Of Large Elder Dragon Bone

For Crafting Elder Dragon Equipment

When you want to craft Elder Dragon weapons & armor, you'll need the Large Elder Dragon Bone. Make sure to choose which equipment you want to craft carefully as this materials is very rare and valuable.

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