MHW: ICEBORNE | How To Find & Track Large Monsters

Check this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to find & track large monsters, including info on tracking, using Scoutflies, leveling up Ecological Research, & more!!

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All Monster List & Locations Guide

How To Track A Monster

Look For Monster Traces


When you start a hunt in Monster Hunter World, monsters will not be immediately shown in the map. They will leave traces and evidence which will be lit up by your scoutflies.

Follow Your Scoutflies For Tracks

Follow Your Scoutflies

Your Scoutflies will highlight any nearby tracks, traces or evidences for you to investigate.

Gather Enough Traces To See Monster Location

Gather Enough Traces To Determine Monster Location

Once enough monster traces have been investigated, your map and minimap will show the monster location, Your scoutflies will also glow brighter and lead you to the monster.

Investigate As Many Tracks As You Can

Investigate As Many Tracks As You Can

Gather and investigate as many tracks as you can, as these contribute to leveling up your Ecological Research as well. This will make it easier for you to find monsters when hunting the same monster!

Ecological Research Tracking Benefits

Find Monsters Easily With Ecological Research

Find Monsters Easily With Ecological Research

As you gather traces of the monster, you level up the Scoutfly Level. Leveling this up will allow your Scoutflies to track the monster faster, and immediately show your target monster on the map.

Scoutfly Level Benefits

Level Description
Lv. 1 Guidance to next track
Lv. 2 Guidance to monster's location
Lv. 3 Destination & status shown on map

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