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Check this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to complete Investigation Quests, how to unlock & manage them, rewards, things to remember & more!!

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How To Unlock Investigation Quests

What Is An Investigation Quest

What Is An Investigation Quest

Investigation Quests are special quests that have additional rewards & special conditions. These are unlocked by acquiring investigations as you track down monsters, and other activities that pertain to a hunt. To activate these quests, talk to any NPC at the resource center.

How To Get Investigation Quests

There are number of ways to get Investigations in Monster Hunter World. Almost everything you do in relation to finding monsters can lead to unlocking an Investigation. Note that Investigations are acquired randomly when you perform these activities.

Activities That Unlock Investigations

Commonly Unlocked When Investigating Monster Tracks

What Is An Investigation Quest

Investigations are commonly triggered and unlocked when investigating monster tracks since you'll spend most of your time tracking down monsters. When in the field, obtain as much tracks as you can.

How To Unlock Tempered Investigation Quests

Tempered Investigations Are Unlocked With Tempered Tracks


Tempered Investigations are investigations where you face Tempered Monsters. These can only be acquired by searching for Tempered Tracks, which are rare blue tracks in High Rank expeditions & quests. Tempered Investigations & tracks start to appear when you reach Hunter Rank 30.

Tempered Tracks Have A Threat Level

Tempered Tracks Have A Threat Level

When you investigate a Tempered Track, it has a chance to unlock a random Tempered Investigation for its corresponding threat level. There are 3 threat levels:

Threat Level Monsters
1 Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Barroth, Jyuratodus, Rathian, Paolumu, Radobaan
2 Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Pink Rathian, Diablos, Black Diablos, Bazelgeuse, Uragaan, Lavasioth, Legiana, Odogaron
3 Kirin, Teostra, Kushala Daora, Nergigante, Vaal Hazak

How To Start Investigation Quests

Step 1: Register Investigation Quests At The Resource Center

Register Investigation Quests At The Resource Center

Head to the Resource Center and talk to any of the 3 NPCs there. On the menu that appears, select "Manage Investigations". From the list, select and register any Investigation Quest you'd like to do.

Sort Investigations For Easier Selection

Sort Investigations For Easier Selection

Since there can be plenty of Investigation Quests to do, you may sort through the list by pressing the sort button (R3), and arrange the quests depending on your chosen parameter.

Step 2: Go To The Quest Board To Launch Investigation

Go To The Quest Board To Launch Investigation

Go to the quest board or through the handler to select an Investigation Quest. Only registered Investigation Quests will appear on the list. Fulfill the quest requirement to complete the Investigation Quest.

Benefits & Rewards of Investigation Quests

Acquire Rare Materials From Investigation

Acquire Rare Materials From Investigation

In Investigation Quests, you know upfront the kind & rarity of rewards you'll get when you complete the quest. These are represented by the color of the reward, from bronze, silver, gold & purple, with gold & purple being the most rare.

Purple Rewards Are From Tempered Investigations

Purple Rewards Are From Tempered Investigations

Tempered Investigations will pit you against much powerful versions of the monsters. However, completing Tempered Investigations will yield purple rewards that has the chance to yield Feystones which are valuable for weapon augmentation.

Things To Remember About Investigation Quests

Merely Registering Will Not Reduce Number Of Attempts

Simply registering the quests in the Resource Center will not use up or reduce the number of allowed attempts on the Investigation Mission.

Organize Investigations Based On Your Priority

The resource center can hold up to 250 Investigation Quests. Delete and remove other Investigation Quests that you don't need by assessing your needs, such as retaining higher rarity reward quests when you're crafting a specific weapon.

Make Sure To Check Conditions & Time Limits

Make Sure To Check Conditions & Time Limits

Each Investigation Quest has a time limit and specific failure conditions, so make sure to review them before taking on a quest.

Activate Felyne Insurance To Allow An Extra Faint

Investigation Missions with plenty of rare rewards are often more challenging with fewer or even just one allowed faint. To help you with these Investigations, eat a meal with the Felyne Insurance food skill at the canteen, so when you faint, you can still continue with the quest.

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