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What Are Skills - How To Activate Skill System Guide

What Is The Canteen

The Canteen Cooks Food Granting Buffs & Food Skills

The Canteen Cooks Food Granting Buffs & Food Skills

At the Canteen in Astera, the Meowscular Chef can cook food for you in exchange for money, research points, or meal vouchers. Eating food will grant you various buffs depending on the combination of food used.

Factors That Determine Meal Effects

Meal Effect Requirement
Health & Stamina Number of fresh ingredients
Status Effects Number of ingredients of the same type (e.g. meat, fish, etc.
Food Skills Number of ingredients of the same activation source
(e.g. Vigor, Artillery, etc.). This is usually food in the same row.

Ingredients Are Found In Various Quests

With more ingredients to choose from, the more combinations of effects and food skills you can trigger. Complete and gather as many ingredients as you can.

Upgrade The Canteen To Improve Effects

You can also upgrade the Canteen to be able to add more ingredients to your meals. With more ingredients, the more Stamina you can get as well per meal.

Canteen Upgrade Effects

Level Number Of Ingredients Stamina How To Level Up
1 2 - Unlocked immediately
2 4 +25 Complete ★3 Assigned Quest "Flying Spark: Tobi-Kadachi"
3 6 +50 Complete ★6 Assigned Quest "A Colossal Task"

What Is A Food Skill?

Skills That Give Various Buffs Before A Hunt

Eating food at the canteen can also trigger special skills called Food Skills. Food Skills activation is random, but the likelihood of activation is increased with more fresh ingredients.

Always Activated When Using Meal Vouchers

Always Activated When Using Meal Vouchers

By using a Meal Voucher, Food Skills will always be activated. If you need to activated specific Food Skills for challenging quests, and lack the fresh ingredients for it, it is recommended to use a meal voucher.

Food Skills Activated With Meal Voucher is Shared

When paying with Meal Voucher, Food Skills activated is shared with the entire Party. This is useful for taking on high difficulty hunts!

How To Use Food Skills

Food Skills Change Depending On Ingredients

The Food Skill you activate depends on the activation source ingredient. Ingredients belonging to the same row or color are of the same activation source.

Ingredients Of The Same Row & Color Activates Food Skill

Ingredients Of The Same Row Activates Food Skill

Add more of the same color or row of ingredient to activate its corresponding Food Skill. Each color or row has a corresponding set of Food Skills that you can activate.

Food Skills Per Activation Source

Type No. Of Ingredients & Food Skill
Courage (2) Felyne Polisher
(4) Feline Rider
(6) Feline Slugger
Resilience (2) Felyne Acrobat
(4) Felyne Feet
(6) Felyne Moxie
Vigor (2) Felyne Riser (Hi)
(4) Felyne Black Belt
(6) Felyne Heroics
Acrobatics (2) Felyne Groomer
(4) Felyne Medic
(6) Felyne Specialist
Artillery (2) Felyne Sharpshooter
(4) Felyne Bombardier
(6) Felyne Pro
Perception (2) Felyne Iron Carver
(4) Felyne Exchanger
(6) Felyne Carver (Hi)
Fortune (2) Felyne Harvester
(4) Felyne Fat Cat
(6) Lucky Cat

Watch Out For Available Daily Skills

Watch Out For Available Daily Skills

Daily Skills are randomly rotating set of Food Skills that change each in-game day. These Daily Skills are replaced by your activated Food Skills from bottom to top, as you activate more Food Skills.

Best Food Skills To Use

Use Skills That Complement Your Weapon

Make sure that you activate Food Skills that complement the weapon type you are using. It will not be beneficial if you activate a Food Skill that boosts Ranged attacks, when you are using a melee weapon.

Review The Food Skills Or Use Custom Platter

Review The Food Skills Or Use Custom Platter

Before selecting food from the menu, make sure to review the food skills. It is recommended to use Custom Planner instead so you can select your own ingredients.

Use Versatile Daily Skills

Watch Out For Available Daily Skills

Make sure to check the available Daily Skills available, as these are versatile skills that can give you a great boost.

Recommended Food Skills To Activate

Food Skill Type Effect
Felyne Weakener Daily Large monsters encountered on quests have an increased chance of being weaker than normal
Felyne Defender (Hi) Daily Often decreases damage taken
Felyne Moxie Daily Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health
Felyne Iron Carver Perception Prevents knockbacks while carving
Felyne Insurance Daily Prevents your group from being penalized the first time a member faints

All Food Skills List

Food Skill Type Effect
Felyne PolisherCourageOften Speeds up Sharpening Time
Felyne RiderCourageMakes it easier to mount monster
Felyne SluggerCourageMakes it easier to stun monsters
Felyne AcrobatResillienceAllows the hunter to recover quickly when sent flying
Felyne FeetResilliencePrevents you from getting knocked on your butt
Felyne MoxieResilliencePrevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health
Felyne Riser (Hi)VigorGreatly extends the invulnerability period when getting up
Felyne Black BeltVigorReduces stamina depletion when evading, blocking, or doing certain other actions
Felyne HeroicsVigorGrealty increases attack when health is dangerously low
Felyne GroomerAcumenHalves the effect duration of Defense Down and speeds up blight recovery
Felyne MedicAcumenIncreases health recovery from items
Felyne SpecialistAcumenIncreases the potency of abnormal status attacks
Felyne SharpshooterArtilleryIncreases the power of normal shots (Normal S) and normal arrows
Felyne BombardierArtilleryIncreases ballista, sticky ammo, and gunlance shell damage
Felyne PyroArtilleryUpgrades Large Barrel Bombs to Mega Barrel Bombs
Felyne Iron CarverPerceptionPrevents knockbacks while carving
Felyne ExchangerPerceptionIncreases the number of research points you receive at the end of a quest
Felyne Carver (Hi)PerceptionOften increases the number of times you can carve
Felyne HarvesterFortuneReduces the time between gathering point respawns
Felyne Fat CatFortuneIncreases the amount of zenny you receive at the end of a quest.
Lucky CatFortuneSometimes increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest
Felyne Cliffhanger DailyDecreases rate of stamina depletion when evading on walls or ivy
Felyne Fur CoatingDailyPrevents or lessens the effects of blights and environmental damage
Felyne BoosterDailyTemporarily increases attack and defense at the start of a quest
FelynebackerDailyPrevents being knocked back when transporting or carrying an item
Felyne ProvokerDailyIncreases the likelihood of being targeted
Felyne ResearcherDailyUnlock investigations more easily during expeditions
Felyne Defender (Lo)DailySometimes decreases damage taken
Felyne Defender (Hi)DailyOften decreases damage taken
Felyne TemperDailyIncreases bowgun damage, but also increases deviation
Felyne Escape ArtistDailyDecreases stamina depletion when fleeing from large monsters
Felyne WeakenerDailyLarge monsters encountered on quests have an increased chance of being weaker than normal
Felyne InsuranceDailyPrevents your group from being penalized the first time a member faints
Felyne DeflectorDailyHelps your weapon retain sharpness when attacks are deflected
Felyne BulldozerDailyIncreases attack power when you strike right after an attack is deflected
Felyne TrainerDailySpeeds up Palico growth
Felyne FisherDailyIncreases the likelihood that fish will bite when fishing
Cool CatDailyGrants a temporary attack boost when you use the Sit gesture for a while
Felyne SprinterDailyDashing depletes less stamina when transporting an item
Felyne GripperDailyPrevents some attacks from knocking you off of walls or ivy
Felyne WeathercatDailyBad weather occurs more often during a quest
Felyne LanderDailyPrevents stumbling when jumping down from high places
Felyne Parting GiftDailyRestores health to allies in the area upon fainting

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