Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) Wiki Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) Wiki Guide

Check out this wiki guide for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP)! Learn about confirmed content in the Diamond and Pearl remake, speculation, guides, & info!

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Diamond and Pearl Remakes (BDSP) Officially Confirmed

To Be Released Late 2021

Diamond Pearl
Release DateLate 2021
DeviceNintendo Switch / Switch Lite

Gen 4 fans rejoice - Diamond and Pearl remakes have at long last been confirmed! The official titles of these games will be Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl and players will be able to get their hands on them in late 2021.

Official Trailer

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP) Confirmed Content

A Faithful Recreation

▲The main character's room - if you look closely you'll see the Wii has been replaced with a Switch!

All content that was featured in the original Diamond and Pearl will be available in the remakes, including some special events!

Main Character

Main character

Character designs for the protagonist seem to be sticking to the original as well!

Sinnoh Region Starters


The three Sinnoh starters will be available for you to choose at the outset of your adventure - once again, you can pick from Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup!

Legendary Pokemon

Dialga Palkia

The iconic Dialga and Palkia will of course also be making an appearance in both games. Dialga will be appearing in Brilliant Diamond, and Palkia in Shining Pearl.

Confirmed Events & Content

The Union Room

Union Room

The Union Room will be implemented into the remakes just as it was before - you'll be able to trade and battle with trainers inside it as much as you want!

The Underground


The Underground was a classic part of D&P, allowing you to explore a vast underground area once you got the Explorer's Kit. This area was chuck full of interesting content and items!

Pokemon Gyms


Pokemon Gyms are also coming back in the remakes, with one being spotted in the promotional material revealed so far! The puzzles in gen 4 gyms were particularly interesting, so we're hoping they make a full 1-for-1 come back!

Pokétch Event?


A clown standing outside of a building can be spotted in the preview video as well - in the original games, you had to answer questions from clowns and get Coupons, which you could exchange for a Poketch. It's looking like this tech will be making a return in the remakes - perhaps it will have new features too?

Bike Parking Racks Usable Too?

Bike Parking Racks

It's not clear whether they'll be usable just yet, but we were able to spot bike racks in some promotional materials! Many players might not know this, but it was possible to park your bike at these racks in the original games!

Drifloon Event

Drifloon Event

▲We also spotted yellow trees. Perhaps you'll be able to rub honey onto them?

The Drifloon which appears on Friday every week was also confirmed in the game's reveal trailer!



Looking closeley at the screen displayed on the building above, you can see a Chansey doing some sort of performance - perhaps this means contests are coming back as well?

Will There Be Dynamax and Mega Evolutions in BDSP?

Currently Not Clear

No announcements have been made mentioning the inclusion of Dynamax and Mega Evolutions (or Z powers). Given that these mechanics are from later games, it's not clear whether they'll be added.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Also Announced

Pokemon Arceus

Alongside the announcement of the Diamond and Pearl remakes, The Pokemon Company officially revealed a new game in the franchise called Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This new title is more open world, with slightly different gameplay than Pokemon games we've seen so far.

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