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Learn about the Halloween Event in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Includes halloween festival, halloween rewards, duration, end time, halloween skins, and update guide!

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Halloween Event Duration & End Date

New Special Event For Halloween

DurationOctober 20th - Nov 10th, 2021
Release Time08:00 GMT/03:00 EST

Halloween has come to Pokemon Unite! Starting Wednesday, October 20th, players can expect to have a new larger-scale event featuring various updates, including skins, trainer clothing, and even a brand new Pokemon! Note that many aspects of this event will only continue until November 10th, so hurry!

Update & Latest News

Patch Notes Summary

Halloween Event Guide & Rewards

The Pumpkin Exchange

The Pumpkin Exchange

You'll be able to acquire Pumpkins by doing various events during Halloween. These Pumpkins can then be exchanged for prizes! You can even claim a Greedent License as one of these prizes.

Not All Rewards Are Obtainable At The End Of The Event

Note, however, that to get all rewards you would need over 160 Pumpkins, which is not realistically possible to get during the event. You'll have a limited amount of Pumpkins (around 100) available, so you'll have to choose what you buy carefully.

Pumpkin Exchange Guide & All Rewards

List Of Prizes That Can Be Exchanged

Halloween Event Features

New Pokemon - Greedent

Halloween Festival Greedent

One of the most exciting additions in this patch is the new Pokemon Greedent. This generation 8 normal-type is a Defender, though it also packs quite a bunch in battle!

Greedent Guide

New Gameplay Mode In Mer Stadium

Halloween Festival Gameplay

One of the main features of this patch is a new Quick Battle Mode playable only on Mer Stadium for a limited time only. In this mode, you'll get a pumpkin instead of your regular Battle Item! This will let you transform enemy Pokemon into Pumpkins.

Effect Of The Pumpkin Transformation

New Gameplay Mode

Pokemon that are transformed into Pumpkins are unable to score or recall! Additionally, all their abilities will be transformed into a tackle ability that charges forward, dealing damage.

New Skins

Halloween Festival Treats Skins

New Halloween-themed skins were also added in this update, specifically for the likes of Lucario and Zeraora. In the trailer, skins for Eldegoss, and Wigglytuff were shown, but they do not seem to have been added as of yet.

List Of New Holowear Added

※ The Wigglytuff and Eldegoss skins are not yet available in-game.

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List

New Clothing Options

Halloween Festival Clothing

New fashion is coming not only for your Pokemon, but for your trainer avatar as well! A witch's hat, candy bag, and other spooky seasonal items will be available to obtain in-game! Note that many of these will also be limited-time only.

List Of New Outfits Added

All Trainer Skins & Outfits List

New Character Customization Options

Further ways to customize your character's profile, including a frame, sticker, background, and pose, were all added. These are all rewards obtainable from exchanging Pumpkins, ▼which you can see in further detail below.

Trainer Appearance - Character Customization

Oct 20th Update Balance Changes

Summary Of Balance Changes On October 20th

  • Pikachu buffs
  • Slowbro buffs
  • Garchomp buffs
  • Venusaur: Solar Beam buff, Giga Drain nerf
  • Lucario nerfs
  • Blastoise nerfs
  • Zapdos: Fewer points when KO-ed
  • Drednaw: Reduced shield & EXP
  • Rotom: Increased effects when KO-ed

A large-scale patch for Pokemon Unite also accompanied the October 20th Halloween Update. This included bug fixes, text fixes, shop updates, & balance adjustments! You can check out the link below for more information about what exactly was changed.

Patch Notes: Balance Patch (October 20th)

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