Pokemon Masters - Guide & Database

Pokemon Masters - Guide & Database

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Pokemon Masters - Latest News

Update - September 19 2019

Update - September 19 2019

There was a minor update on September 19, 2019. Update is about time-limited Gear exchange options and a clarification on "Offering Rate".

Check Out Update - Sep 19 2019

Lyra - New Character Arrival


Starting from September 17th, you can use Lyra & Chikorita.

Lyra & Chikorita Stats Here!

Grass-Type Training Event

Grass-Type Training Event

Grass-Type Training Event is the perfect chance to strengthen your Grass-type sync pairs! Defeating the boss earns you all sortsof rewards that'll help you strengthen your sync pais.

Grass-Type Training Quest Event Here

EX Barry Challenge Is Now Available!

EX Barry Challenge

Barry has been added to the training areas as of Sep 17,2019. Trainers in the training areas are crazy tough! Learn about how to take them down in the below link.

EX challenge - Barry Guide

Pokemon Masters - Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips

Other Tips & Guides

Pokemon Masters - Challenge Guide

Challenge Guide

Co-Op Main Story Challenge List & Guide

Check Out All Co-Op Main Story Challenge

Co-Op EX Challenge List & Guide

Very Hard Supercourse List & Guide

All Supercourses - Schedule & Guides

Pokemon Masters - Game Database

Game Database

Pokemon Masters - Useful Information

Useful Information
Look for Other Players on the LFG Forum

Other Useful Information

What Is Pokemon Masters?

The Complete Pokemon Experience

Pokemon Masters Logo

Pokemon Masters is a free-to-play mobile game developed by famed Japanese developers, DeNA. Trainers and Pokemons featured in the previous games are expected to make their appearance in this game, making it a must-see for fans of Pokemon!

Trainers & Pokemon From Previous Games In One Game!

All Trainers, One Game

In Pokemon Masters, all trainers and pokemon from the previous games, to even as far as Pokemon Red & Pokemon Yellow, are back for you to battle!

3v3 Real Time Battles!

3v3 Real-time Battles

Pokemon Masters makes use of a 3vs3 real-time battle system. Players wait for the gauge to fill up before executing an attack. The more powerful the move, the more gauge time it needs. As the move gauge is shared, strategizing and communicating with your team is key!

Solo & Co-op Battles

Solo & Coop Battles

Pokemon Masters can support up to three players in co-op battles. Play alone or with friends and make use of powerful attacks to become the world's strongest trainer!

Pokemon Masters - Battle System

Trainers Are Part Of The Fight

Trainer Pokemon Masters Battle

In Pokemon Masters, both the trainers and pokemon can use various moves to settle a battle. Trainers can make use of items such as Potions and X Attack to tip the scales!

Sync Moves

Sync Moves

Sync moves are powerful moves that can be used by the Pokemon and the trainer upon reaching a specific number of moves in a battle. These moves deal a hefty amount of damage so use them at the right opportunity!

Pokemon Masters - Leveling System

Level Up To Increase Stats

Level Up Sync Pairs

Winning battles in Pokemon Masters grants experience that helps players to level up and gain more stats.

Learn New Moves With Training Machines

Training Machines

To be more effective in battle, you can learn new moves using the Training Machine. The Training Machine consumes a number of items in exchange for granting your Pokemon a new move.

Pokemon Can Evolve

Pokemon Evolution

Upon reaching a certain level, it is possible to allow your Pokemon to evolve and unlock better moves. Clear your Pokemon's special sync pair story for it to evolve. As an added bonus, it might even learn a strong sync move.

Break Limits With Star Power-Ups

5-star Potential

You can increase your sync pair's potential using ★ Power-ups. Raising the level limit of your sync pair enables it to become stronger. Try to increase the potential of your favorite sync pair to make them more effective in battle.

Pokemon Masters - Characters

Main Character & Pikachu

Main Character & Pikachu

You're the main character. You'll set out on an adventurous journey on the artificial island of Pasio with Pikachu as your partner Pokemon.

Brock & Onix

Brock & Onix
Past appearancesPokemon HeartGold, Pokemon SoulSilver, etc.

Known as the rock-solid Pokemon Trainer, he is a reliable Gym Leader who watches and supports younger Trainers. He goes along with you on your adventure, acting as your coach.

Misty & Starmie

Misty & Starmie
Past appearancesPokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu!, etc.

A Gym Leader known as the Tomboyish Mermaid, she has an upbeat personality but also acts tough and takes rules very seriously. As a more experienced Trainer, she goes along with you on your adventure.

Rosa & Snivy

Rosa & Snivy
Past appearancesPokemon Black Version 2 & Pokemon White Version 2 (main character)

This high-spirited young lady likes to stand out and has a strong sense of justice. Her dream is to have many battles with Trainers all over the world.

Red & Charizard

Red & Charizard
Past appearancesPokemon HeartGold, Pokemon SoulSilver, etc.

The silent type, this legendary, awesome Pokemon Trainer hardly talks at all. His best friend, Blue, is also his rival. Is there something different about his clothes?

Pokemon Masters - Story Summary

Official Game Trailer

Story Summary

Pasio is an artificial island where each Trainer has one trusted Pokemon partner. Together, the Trainer and their Pokemon are known as a sync pair, and they participate in 3-on-3 battles.

The Pokemon Masters League (PML) is a tournament held in Pasio. It features Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, Champion, and other all-stars from every region, who come together to form teams and participate in intense, 3-on-3 team battles. To participate in the PML, players must battle PML Leaders all over Pasio to obtain five badges. You, as the main character, will team up with Pikachu to form a sync pair, sharing in many adventures as you strive to qualify for the PML.

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