The Last of Us | All Materials & Consumable Item List

Learn all you need to know about all consumable items & crafting materials in The Last Of Us! Including each item example, usage & more on The Last Of Us.

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NOTE: This list is currently a work in progress. Come back later for updates!

Consumable Item List

Health Kit- Heals portion of your health (3 bars by default)
Nail Bomb- Jury-rigged land mine, explodes when in enemy proximity
Molotov Cocktail- Lights area on fire, killing most enemies in a single blow
Smoke Bombs- Used to stun enemies
- Prevent tracking by certain blind enemies
Shiv- Single use stealth kill weapon
- Can be used to open certain doors
Melee Weapon Upgrade- Increases Melee Weapon's damage

Crafting Material List

NameMaterial Usage
Binding - Melee Weapon Upgrade
- Shiv
Rags - Health Kit
- Molotov Cocktail
Alcohol - Health Kit
- Molotov Cocktail
Explosive - Molotov Cocktail
- Nail Bomb
- Smoke Bomb
Sugar - Smoke Bombs
Parts - Weapon Holster
- Upgrading Long Gun & Pistols
Supplement - Upgrading skills

About Items In The Last Of Us

Materials Used To Craft Consumables Or Upgrade

Materials Used To Craft Consumables Or Upgrade

The materials found in the world can be used to craft jury-rigged weapons and items to help you on your journey. You may craft these items at any point in the game but do note that it takes time to craft an item, making you vulnerable in combat.

Parts & Supplement Upgrades Your Weapon & Skills

Parts & Supplement Upgrades Your Weapon & Skills

Parts and Supplements in particular are rare resources used to upgrade your character skills or upgrade your weapons. Keep an eye open for these items while you venture the world. Note that the upgrades for your weapon and skills are irreversible.

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